Strongman Conditioning for Powerlifting

I powerlift and sometimes on Saturdays I’ll go to my friend’s house to do some strongman stuff just for cardio (stone squats, keg runs, yoke walks, farmer walks, ect.)

I am currently running madcow 5x5 and have noticed that my bench and OHP are stalling but my squats, rows, and deads keep progressing.

Do you think that strongman work once a week would be helpful or detrimental to powerlifting progress?

I think that doing strongman events one day a week is good for powerlifters. We tend to neglect a lot of movement patterns when we just squat, press and pull all the time. Doing some odd implement training can help address those weak points.

Just make sure you are eating enough to make up for the extra calorie expenditure.

A person wiser than me told me to train like a powerlifter, do accessory like a bodybuilder and conditioning like a strongman

My brothers comp in strongman…Ive gone a couple times and once i did my bros normal routine with much less weight since it was first time doing many of the lifts.Was sore for a week and the week after all my powerlifts were weak as i wasnt recovered…Id say one or two lifts a week for assitance would be good.Maybe stones for inc deads/lower back ect/axle or log press for delts for bench.

Conditioning wise would prob be better going light stones after deads or doing farmers walk,ect…Tempted to switch over only cause my younger bro added a ton of mass/not all muscle of course since he began doing this.However its almost 3 hrs travel (1.5 there and back)to nearest decent strongman gym.
Gym is bad ass though will inc your prs just walking through the door.Nothing but giant freaks lifting heavy ass weights with hardcore metal pounding…