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Strongman Competition Videos


Hey everyone,

I competed (last minute entry of course) in a strongman competition this past weekend. I sucked pretty badly but had a blast.

Here are some videos of my efforts in some of the events.

Log Press
205lb 10" diameter for reps in 60 seconds:

Farmers Walk
240lb/hand - I failed miserably. My left hand was spent from a previous event.

Atlas Stones
250lb, 250lb, 275lb, 300lb, 340lb (failed)

There was also an arm over arm truck pull - 7300lb hummer up a slight incline. This is the event that ruined my hands for the farmers walk. Holy crap. No video of this.

Vehicle Tow - we towed a semi using an ironmind harness. Pretty fun, no idea how much that bugger weighs. Don't have this video uploaded yet.




good shit man, i've got my first one coming in june


Thanks for the videos, I'm trying to pry my fat ass out of my desk to go work out and this will do the job!

I'm curious, it looks like you're wearing street clothing??? Would training clothes be more comfortable???


Great vids. You're strong as hell.


Bah, despite what Nike tells you it's not the shoes (or clothes)!

Had it not been so chilly out I would've worn my kilt, but I'm pretty comfortable training in jeans and a flannel. I do that pretty often, so it didn't matter to me for the competition. If there is a difference I don't know what it is.

Good luck prying your fat arse out from behind the desk!




Where was this event located? What 'level' was it?



This event was held in Wisconsin (appleton area). It was the Fox Cities 1st Annual Strongman Competition and I believe it was a gold level competition. You can get the full results and information at www.bigtonyscrivens.com. That's the website of our NAS state chair. The only thing that changed from the information on there is that the farmers walks were increased to 240lbs and 280lbs for the mens LW and HW categories.




Dude you rock! Don't beat yourself up about it. You didn't suck because you stepped out there where many people won't do it. I'm sure you'll be even better when you don't enter last minute.


I'm jealous I couldn't make it. It looked like a great time. I just couldn't get work and transportation issues figured out. I will be in Madison in June, though. Do you know anything about them doing the Milwaukee Competition again?


Good work man!

Stepping up and doing it is critical in training goals.

Stay strong man.


I don't know if there is going to be a Milwaukee's Strongest Man again or not. I know last year they were saying that there was going to be another one and they were going to have it as a sanctioned meet. Of course I don't remember who "they" were anymore. I'll ask around and let you know if I find anything out.


John Jr.


Sucked? No way!

You entered and you put the vid up for all to see.

You're a good man!

Keep up the nice work.



Cool Vids! Thanx for posting.


Congrats man. You went out, did your best and had fun. That's more than most do. There is always a next time, and by going out, you got your feet wet. Your nerves will be calmer, and you know what weaknesses you need to improve.
I have my first meet on the 13th. I only hope I can do half as 'bad' as you did. I'll be in a novice class, playing with kid weights compared to what you handled. I figure, I'll give it my all, and I don't care about placing, I just want to complete the events.
Just curious, what are your stats? What type of training have you done prior?
Thanks for sharing, stay strong.


I just want to clarify, I'm not upset about my performance at all. I was disappointed at how the farmer's walk went, but generally speaking I placed pretty low so that's where the "suck" comes from.

Anyway, training. I had been training for powerlifting primarily at a place called NX Level up through January. Starting in Febuary I had to work a bunch of trade shows and this caused me to not really train at all leading up to this contest (I got to lift 4 times in the 3 weeks before the competition). I haven't trained with a strongman implement since last December. So to say the least, I wasn't prepared at all. That never sways me though, I'm happy to lift at any given moment and this competition provided one of those moments.

Regarding my stats, I weighed in at 215lbs for this show (very heavy for me) and I'm about 5'10" tall. This was my second ever strongman competition, I competed in the novice class at Milwaukee's Strongest Man last fall (took 2nd by 1 point). My lifts are bench over 300 (315-ish, maybe a bit more), deadlift 550+, and squat 525+. Nothing too impressive but OK numbers for unequipped, drug-free lifting. My overhead jerk is somewhere near 300.