Strongman Comp-3/26 Northern VA

A good friend of mine, Barry Perkins is putting on this non-sanctioned show in the MD/DC/VA area for anyone interested. It will be a ton of fun, not kiler weights. The venue is AWESOME, its a Cross-Fit Gym in Reston, Reston Crossfit, Ive trained there a few times, all indoors, great equipment, huge area and easy to get to. All the info is below!

First annual strongman competition brought to you by The Edge 2.0 and Crossfit Reston home of the only strongman training facility in DC metro area.

Events: Log (Slater Log) press for reps Clean and Press - HW 260, LW 220, Women’s - Circus dumbell 60 lbs
Conans Wheel - HW 650, LW 550, Women’s 300
Frame Carry - HW 650, LW 500, women’s farmers walk 160
Car Deadlift - HW, LW - mini cooper, women’s 500lbs tire on rig
Tire flip/chain drag - HW 1000lbs/450 chain, LW 700, 450, women’s 400 tire/ 300 sled
Stones - 52" Platform, HW 255, 280, 300, 330, 350, LW 216, 225, 255, 280, 300, Women’s 100, 120, 150, 180, 200
bonus stone #6 -HW 407, LW 350, women’s 225 (to 47" platform)

there may be a lw and hw women’s waiting on head count.
Limit 10 competitors each division, there will be prizes and hardware for top 3 in each division. Bonus stone will have up to a $50 prize

this is a non sanctioned event


the contest will be held at
Crossfit Reston
310 Victory Drive
Herndon, VA

if you should have any questions PM me for email address.

I’m wanting this to be a fun, light doable contest for everyone and most likely I will have a novice division as well.

I’ll keep everyone posted in the details