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Strongman Comp.... 2 Months To Train


Now before getting flamed, its just a comp. our university holds every year. Im in a frat and we send 2-3 guys every year and this year they want to send me ( sadly).
Its on nov 3 and the events i recall are a trolly/truck pull, keg toss, tire flipping and i think 1 more.

My question is , i have 2 months to get ready for it, and am clearly one of the smaller and weaker guys going.

Stats: 20 y/o male, 5'11. 180 lbs 16-20% bf.. i have no idea, but i have a huge gut.
Deadlift: 225 for 3x8 is what i pull off during full body workouts. Today i tried 245 and got 5 reps. Thats about all the stats i have to share.

Been working out for 5 years on and off i guess(recently off) . I smoke..alot , so ive quit that, atleast till after the comp. I just want to not embarass my self...

I was thinking West Side stuff? but really am clueless to it all. Help would be appreciated, ... discouragement, criticism and all else would be appreciated too... im sure it'll just motivate me to lift more.



Westside for sure, just work on getting stronger man, do the events if at all possible I am sure you can find a keg lying around :slight_smile: for the truck pull find out if it will have a lead rope or not. Do bear crawls with a sled, If you can find a tire USE IT.

WS4SB is a pretty basic template which would probably work well for you.


as MUCH event work as you can get your hand on the events. Find the loads used and do everything you can to be able to first do that load for that event then get GOOD at it. Strongman is a LOT of technique.

aside form that I like Kalles suggestion of WS4SB use the off days for event work instead of sport specific work



Thanks guys, sounds solid and I appreciate it. ill try to check back in and tell you how it goes!