Strongman Comeback

Hello all,
I’m a former competitive strongman, but I last competed in 2009. I injured myself, and then immediately launched into grad school. During this time I barely trained and got fat and weak. I’m staging a comeback now though. I am looking to start competing again this April, and found 2 meets on back to back weeks. I might compete in both.

The event I’m more sure of consists of:
Log press: 250 for reps
DL: Car
Yoke: 705
Conan’s: 700
Stone for reps: 335 or 400 (weight beats reps.)

PR’s since return
Log press: 285
Axle press: 310
DL: 585
Front Squat: 435
Yoke: 900x50ft
Farmers: 335x50ft.
Stones: 230 but I am just shy of being able to press it. Need to find heavier stones.

Anyway, I look forward to getting acquainted with you all, learning a bit, and getting reacquainted with hard training.

Press training with some goofing off at the end.

Log press: 90x3, 190x3, 240x3, 260x3 (PR+1 rep), 270x2 (PR+1 rep)
Zercher squat: 275x3x3, 335, 345 (first time doing this exercise)
Short steel bending: 1x4’‘x6’‘, 1/4’’ x6’’ square, 1/4’’ x5.5’’ square, 5/16’‘x6’’ (failed) all done double overhand.
Snatches: 80kg x1x10 sets, 90kg

Skipped Thursday workout, friends in from out of town. But I hit multiple PR’s today, and had a great time in training.

Events and Grip
Log Press strict 90x5, 210x5 (PR+2 reps)
Log Press jerk 260x6 (PR+3 reps)
Stones (no tacky) 230x7
Farmers walk (2’’ handle) 255x50ft, 275x50ft (PR+20lb), 285x50ft x2 (PR+30lb)
Captains of Crush: #3x1x3 right (PR+2 sets)/#3x1x1 left (PR on left)
Blob Lift 37.5lb clean and press each hand.

Switched my Tuesday and Thursday, since I thought zercher squats with an upset stomach might end badly.
DL from 20’’ 635x3x2, 635x2x2, 635x1 (trying for progressive ROM training.)
Press from forehead level 245x2x3, 245x1x3
Log 260x1x3

Log 260x3
Zercher squat 275x5
Pendlay Rows 225x8 (2’’ bar)
Snatch 80kg x1x5

Log 210x5 strict, 270x3 (PR+1), 287x2 (PR+7lb+2reps)
Farmers (2’’ handle 50ft): 235, 285, 305(PR+20lb), 325(PR+40lb)
stones: 230x1x6, switched to loading pin with plates 250x1, 270x1 (PR+40lb)
Blob lifting: 35lb x3/hand, 40lb blob clean and press, 42.5x3/hand