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Strongman Circuit Without Equip.

Hi im taking a group of 12 to 15 athlethes for a circuit type training session/conditioning once a week in a hall! Im looking for some ideas of anybody of some really good exercises to do!

Resources available are like 2 dumbells, core stability ball, training SAQ ladders x 3 a like stairs coming onto the hall, some long tables, chairs to use!

Im thinking so far at like trying to make 2 medicine balls and do some stuff with them by ripping two old balls n filling them wit sand.
Make my own sandbag and do stuff with that as one station

Use the tables to do reverse pull ups
We have like a platform too so im gonna do some plymetrics and death jumps and dips.
Use the chairs for press ups with increased ROM etc,
Use some of the weights to push like a sled type.
Speed work wit ladders,
Also some shoulder stabilisation with the ladders

Can anybody give me any more advice/tips on stuff to do and any easy homemade devices i could make to incorporate into this.

All help would be greatly appreciated!


this looks more like a GPP/SPP circuit to me, not really strongman.

You left out the best piece of equipment you have: each other.

Try using partners. There are a number of way to do this. I’ll list a few of my favorites. Oh, be sure the people are pretty much evenly matched in weight. Have best totals in 30 sec. - 1 minute intervals.

  • zercher carries, squats
  • fireman carries, squats
  • sprints, where one chases the other (aim is to tag, not tackle).
  • pushups with one partner straddling the other and pushing down.
  • rows where one straddles the other, they grab each other at the elbow
  • situps where one partner wraps his legs around the waist of the other.

You can also do a bunch of stuff unilaterally. E.g., see who can do the most one-armed pushups or squats in 30 seconds - 1 minute.

Just some food for thought…

– jj

jj thanks thats the kind of stuff i need to help stimulate some alternatives.

Apologies what i was after in term s of strongman stuff is actual ideas because i would not be very experienced in this sort of stuff. Of anyone had ideas in regards some homemade stuff i could bring.

One of my ideas was farmers walk with sandbags made wit sand in ruck sacks but im very much limited in my imagination at the moment.

Any more info greatly appreciated.