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Strongman At Home


whats up guys

does anybody have any ideas for homemade strongman equipment? right now the only things i have the resources to do are push and pull our truck, and i think i can mcguyver something to do farmers walks and sled drags with. the sandbags i make keep on ripping so i was going to switch to kegs for carrying, but every liquor store i called acted like i was from another planet when i asked if i could buy an empty keg.

anything that you could suggest for working any event at all would be much appreciated, thanks guys



I took an old pair of jeans and folded and tie the legs closed, then put in about 100 pounds of sand and tied the waist closed and put it in a duffle bag-a cloth "suitcase". It's lasted over a year.

Also, you can get tires for tossing around-over the back, sideways. And I took an old garden hose to "row" weights across my backyard.


Sandbag made of army duffle filled with 100-150+ lbs of sand.

Do some cleans, snatches, squats, and anything else you do with a barbell.

And go for some walks.

Call me when you put your lungs back.


I sent you a PM with a good starting point..





thank you all very much for your suggestions. the links were all very good, especially the one to ontario strongman.


Here is a chain yoke a couple of us put together after our not so strong showing at Stronger Than All 2.

We used a 1.25 inch steel pipe, 2 8-foot sections of chain, and 4 clips to attach the chain to the pipe and the chain to the weight.

It works well for both the standard yoke walk and for an interesting variation on pressing like I showed in the picture.


dude thats awesome i can make that easy....thanks ill put it together when i go to lowes today


Tie a thick rope between two trees or buildings etc, but not too tight and do chins and pull-ups. As the rope wobbles it makes them harder. If your rope is slanted slightly, change sides to even the slant effect l to h out to to speak, on each set. Overhead squats with a plank of wood, and walking dragging logs and tyres is cool. Also get a phone book and learn to rip it, its more technique than anything else.

Also for the old frying pans you have knocking about..



That is a cool idea!

Have you ever tried squating with it?


Sure have. Having the weight suspended on chains makes it easy enough to raise for squats and good mornings.

Another one to try is holding the bar above your head and going for a walk. Those swinging weights make for a good time.


Does it swing much during squats?

I am seriously thinking about building something like this.


The swinging during squats is generally limited since it's a pretty controlled motion. They only time I've really had the weights going is during fast paced walks.