Strongman and the Bench Press

I haven’t benched in a few months. Done some floor pressing around 250lbs for my triceps, but any real pressing has been overhead work. Does anyone here train bench? It basically has no function in Strongman, but I see a lot of strongmen who still bench. I assume it’s just because benching is a) fun, and b) still exists in competition (powerlifting). Just wondering what everyone’s opinion on it was.

i train benchpresses , but only closegrip . I feel the Closegrip benchpress is a good overall strength builder for the upperbody ,plus i think it is a very fun excerise. not better than overheadpressing for strongman but a good assistance excerise in my opionion

It is a great assistance excercise to strengthen your upper body and overhead lifts.

Most strongman excercises are like back and legs but you cant dead/squat/events everyday, so while your other bodyparts recover you should strengthen your bench.

IMO my Push press goes up almost in correlation with my bench press.

However also focus alot on high incline bench movements

I havent benched in 3+ years. I incline and floor press as overhead assistance.

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Any tips as to increasing your overhead press, i know you are very explosive (from watching wsm + arnold) Do you ever perform excercises such zydrunas presses, seated miltary/dumbell seated miltary?

Are there instances which you have used any powerlifting cycles such as reverse band bench/ bench against bands etc, to improve your bench/overhead strength

Another question i have, my best barbel push press is 140kg (315lbs) is there any way to know what this would correlate roughly with the log press?

Thank you for taking the time out to post in the forum and sorry @ hijack, i really hope to compete oneday with you. we need to make this sport grow in PUBLICITY!!

I like to close grip bench following 5/3/1 and do a overload set or two with the slingshot to work the triceps some more its really helped my overhead lockout

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