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Strongman and Powerlifting

Back looks pretty thick. Nice job

Teres major sticks out randomly

his arms probably are 17" just because of his height. my arms are 17" and i’m only 5’7 so that shows how much work tall guys have to do to fill out.

fair enough.

mine are 17.5. im 6ft and i think mine look waaay bigger than his.

but i suppose the 5 inchs prob does make it harder etc…


yeh, they were 16 at the beginning of summer so im making progress, also i dont bodybuild so arm size is not to important just need to be somewhat strong, which ones are tres majors?

The teres major is behind the arms, beneath the shoulder, responsible largely for vertical pulling, like the lats. No wonder why yours are bulging during your pullups.

that was the goal:)

good job so far man…definitely look like you have 17" arms.

it is just me or does his teres sticking out in his avatar picture make it look like he has female breasts?

haha they do! lol