Strongman 5x5

I read an article a while back called Strongman 5x5. Pretty much it said follow the 5x5 routine (B,S,D or SP) but you max out each day. So you would do the 5x5 then after that you work all the way to your 1R Max. so like this.


Doing this for each exercise each day. Is this a good call or should I consider this as overtraining??

anyone? Think this is a good idea?

What is you training experience? What are your goals? I consider myself somewhat of a beginner, and because of that I’m doing Rippetoes Starting Strength to get my lifts up. As far as overtraining though, I wouldn’t even worry about it for right now and just train and see how you respond.I max out my squat 3x a week and I’m still going strong after 3 weeks.

Are you going after strength, or both strength and mass? Although I’m no expert, that seems like a lot of volume for strength.

Here is what I use during my 3x5 workouts:

workset weightx5
workset weightx5
workset weightx5

I try to keep my warm-ups short as to not sap my energy for the big weights.

Hope that helped a little bit.

I been lifting on and off for 3 years