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Strongman, 5/3/1 and Dieting

Hi Guys

hoping you can help me out

Im currently dieting down for strongman contest, Ive got about 5.5 months and need to lose about 11 kilos. I think Ive got a handle on the dieting bit but need a little advice on the training side.

I love 5/3/1 so thats my base but Im wondering how to best way to incorporate events practice and any assistance work.

Before this I was happy doing the BBB template with an event on each day. But given im dieting I dont know whether this is a particularly good idea given the volume. Furthermore given the bench wont be competed Im wondering whether to drop it and just dedicate that day to events.


Squat 5/3/1
Front Squat 3 x 10
Sled / prowler 30m lengths
Core work


Push Press 5/3/1
CGBP ramp to top set of 8-10
Weighted chins 3 x 5
Core work

Thursday - Real limited on time on this day

Deadlift 5/3/1
BB rows (high for upper back) ramp to 8-10
Yolk (if I have time)

Saturday - Events - probably just pick 3

Axel / log clean and press
Arm over Arm
Tire work

Any extra conditioning will be saved for later on if I need to cut more weight.




Hey. I haven’t done strongman, so I can’t speak from personal experience. I’m just going to bring up this recent article for consideration.

Under the explanation of Sprint, Wendler mentions doing Strongman movements. So if I understand it right, you could fit some of your events practice into the conditioning days. I think that would be for things like the Yolk, Medley or Farmers Walks. But events like the log press would still be for the Lift days.

I know you weren’t really looking at doing conditioning unless you needed to cut more weight, but if you like 5/3/1 I would suggest staying with Wendler’s template and add in the Strongman events on separate days for conditioning work. Even in Wendler’s 5/3/1 book, he talks about conditioning being a necessity and Strongman work sounds like a pretty awesome way to get it in there.

I lost about 40lbs training strongman and 5/3/1 in a little over a year and that was with some time spent just maintaining weight here and there. Just adjust as it goes, if it feels like you are doing to much volume back off. If you think you can do some more do it and see how it goes.

I had the best fat loss when I really upped the conditioning post workout tons of prowler/hill sprint, tire flips, etc and kept the accessory stuff minimal though.

as far as bench you can get rid of it for a few cycles, I’ve done that. Not squatted for a few cycles when doing events real heavy.