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Stronglifts-Super Squats Hybrid


Alright, everyones heard of stronglifts 5x5 which is great for building a good strength base, and most people have heard of Super Squats which is great for putting on size and muscle mass.

Workout A
20 rep breathing squat
1x20 light pullovers immediatly after squat.
Bench 5x5
strict pendlay rows 5x5
tricep work 3x8

Workouts B*
5x5 squat
incline or overhead press 5x5
Deadlift 2x5(1 set conventional, 1 set sumo)
bicep work 3x8*

You alternate the workout 3 times a week (ex. ABA BAB) and add 5lbs per workout(that doesnt always apply to bicep and tricep work.) I was also thinking of adding powercleans 3x3 somewhere. I plan on starting this program on monday. Also im starting pretty light, so on bench all of my working sets will be paused reps until i get to heavier weight. Also regaurdless of the weight on deadlift on your last rep hold it for 5 seconds for extra forearm work. NO BELTS FOR SQUATTING. Opinions, tips, ideas, or any feedback is appreciated.


Why not just do it as is, the weights supposed to be lighter at first then you gradually build up adding 5lbs each session. Also height weight lifts amount of time training etc would be helpful


I am starting light, and i did say i will be adding 5lbs per week.
Im 180 lbs and and 5' 11''. Ive been training about 8 monthes.
Squat 305(hitting parallel)
Bench: 160
Deadlift: 260( due to previousily strained back)
and do you think putting powercleans in this program would be beneficial?


just curious, are the 20 reppers for gpp or what?


Super squats program emphazizes to do 20 rep squats because it adds mass,5x5 i amazing for strength but this will put on the size, and it increases test and natural hgh. Its also great for endurance.


You'll definitely progress quicker strength-wise by squatting 5x5 3 times a week. When you max out on stronglifts you could probably use more weight on the 20 reppers incorporated into an intermediate routine than lets say, now.

But if you also want size now this could work. just give it a shot and see how it goes. how long do you plan on doing this for anyway?


So, if i do 20 reps with an empty barbell, I will get huge right? Since 20 reps increases mass? But 5 doesn't?


There's definitely a lot more experienced people on this board than me but I think if you just did the the program as written instead of mixing and matching 2 different ones you would make more progress.


What if I did 30 reps with an empty barbell, wouldn't I get even huger!?


I think itll be 6 to 8 weeks before i plateu but im probably going to cycle it again and again until i no longer make gains from it.


Its a heavy 20 rep squat not light. 5 will add a lot of strength, but not as much size as 20 rep.


20 reps at 200 (~75% of your 1RM)= 4500 lbs lifted

5 reps x 5 sets at 260 (85% 1rm)= 6500 lbs lifted= more of everything.

BTW, look at how much StormTheBeach is deadlifting in his picture. He has forgotten more about the iron game than you will ever know. You can read all the shit you want on the interweb, but until you put in the time under the bar, you don't really know shit. That goes for everybody, myself included.


Super Squats is a pretty old program maybe even older then 5x5. and 5x5 has breaks between sets 20 rep squats are all at once but u do them as youd do 20 singles(slow and spaced with big breaths in between reps), but without racking the bar at all. And your body is more liekly to adapt to do 5x5 3 times a week. Switching up the volumes will keep muscles confused causing the most hypertrophy. So in theory build a lotta strength AND muscle. but your right ill never know until i try this individual program which ill start on monday.


Could you please elaborate on this? Define what a "heavy" 20 rep squat is. Could you also explain how the number of reps you do has anything to do with strength or size?


from what I have read, for a 20-rep squat set, you take your 10RM of continuous reps, and you do 20 reps. This is I think what he meant.


Maybe figuring out what works and what doesnt is part of being a beginner anyway. I also did a little modification to 5x5 where I squat on monday and friday, and deadlift on wednesday. Bench and military press as per normal. Removed BB rows and threw in pull ups and DB rows. Liking my routine so far anyway.


I have no doubt it will work well. There are a lot of strong people that set up training cycles much like this. The problem I see is "20 reps will make you big, 5 reps will make you strong." If it were that cut and dry, every gym douchebag would be the strongest and biggest person on earth. Your body has no idea how many reps you do.

It knows how much time under tension you experience and how much force must be exerted you move a stimulus. So if 20 reps takes 30 seconds to complete but 5 reps takes 45 seconds to complete, 5 reps would theoretically be better for gaining size. See what I am saying?


yeah i do kinda.


At your current numbers, I don't think you'll get anything out of 20 rep squats, especially if you fuck with the program.


Super Squats is a good routine as is, why try to mod it ? If done properly, after the 20 rep set the only things that should be on your mind would be - "must lie down" or "must puke".