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Stronglifts or Texas Method?


Hi, I’m 17 about 160lbs and 5’10. I’ve been lifting since I was 14 with about 2 years of serious lifting. I’ve been stalled at a 215 bench 315 squat and 350 dead lift for awhile now. I plan on starting stronglifts but am not sure if I should use the Texas method instead as it is more advanced. Any insight would be helpful. Thanks


What has your program been up until now?


Up until now I’ve been training with a upper lower split which varies week to week. No real plan. Some 4x6s and 3x10. I guess you could call it power-body building


Definitely don’t use stronglifts. It’s a pretty shithouse program promoted by a guy who - as far as I am aware - can’t even squat or DL 500 lbs.

At your strength level (pretty good for your size) you’d probably do well on a 531 variation.


For your age and size your lift are pretty good , you are on right track. We all have times when we stall for a while, what does workout look like?
Upper body , lower body 4 day split, or 3 day total which fits in the best for you?


The only problem I see with 5/3/1 is the program isnt very strict. I’d prefer having my workouts planned out including things other than the main lifts. I also ran 5/3/1 for a few months last year and found there wasn’t enough volume. My lifts barely increased. Thanks for your advice


I only have access to the gym 3 times a week


How long is a few months? And 531 is written out just as much as TM. Its just a percentage based program where you add in accessories. You said you want more than just the main lifts, but thats all TM is. Spunds like you just want to do texas, so I’d just do texas. Also, you’re 5’10 @160. One of the best things to do is eat.


It doesn’t sound like you were doing 531 then. There are 1000s of templates, ranging in volume and assistance work.


Yeah Texas method always preferable over stronglifts and just right with those numbers, go for it


Between the programs listed Texas method 100%. Though you should give westside for skinny bastards a try. It is an Upper/Lower/Upper routine three days a week.


How many weeks should westside for skinny bastards be run?


52 a year.


Run it as long as you are still progressing


I’ve been forced to take off from lifting for about 6-months, but my numbers were similar to you. 225/325/405x3 @ 165-170lbs.

Rep PR’s helped me tremendously. Something like 5/3/1 ran 3x a week, I’d probably alternate Bench, Squat, Deadlift with Bench, Squat, OHP week to week (DL is fine doing heavy once every 2 weeks, OHP is less important if you’re focused on the powerlifts).

The template Simplest Strength which has you also progressing on accessory lifts (incline, close grip bench, SLDL, front squat) would be a great fit. That way you’re still doing some sort of vertical-ish press/hip hinge fairly heavy every week.