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Stronglifts on a Different Schedule?

I would like to start stronglifts or any similar program, but because of my job I am away for 2 days and home for 4. Is there any way I could work around that and still follow the program, or should I look for something else?

Why? It’s a pretty shitty program. If something geared towards complete beginners is your thing a month or two of Starting Strength would probably be a better choice. Better yet, pick something on here by Chad Waterbury, Dan John, Paul Carter or Jim Wendler.

So you’re home for five days? Hard to see how fitting in a three or four day a week program would be difficult in those circumstances.


Well I’ve been lifting for about a year and a half and gained close to 40lbs so I’m not a complete beginner. But my major lifts are nowhere near where I would like them to be so i figured stronglifts would be a good solution.

I’m a complete beginner and currently doing StrongLifts.

You could certainly squeeze the 3 days into 4 during the beginning of the program. I started with the just the bar and could fly through the workouts for the first several weeks. However, once the weights start to get heavy, which for me was around 245ish on the squat :frowning: , the extra days of rest have become critical. So much so that I view weekends as mini celebrations for kicking ass during the week and an opportunity to sleep and recover.

Another factor to consider is the time involved. If you’re already tight on time SL may not be the most efficient program for you. At light weights workouts can be done in 30 minutes no problem. However, now that the weights are getting hard for me, after stretching, completing all the warm up sets, then the 5X5 work sets, Im sweating my ass off in my garage for 60 minutes plus.

I actually really like the program. It’s dead simple, and it feels great to make tangible progress. But Iike I’ve said I’m a beginner so take my comments with a grain of salt compared to other advice you’ll receive.

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Do you mean that you have 4 days in a row to work out?

You could put together your own routine based around SBD (Skwot, Binch Didlift). There’s loads of combination for whatever your goal/focus e.g. skipping squat lel


Squat & Assistance/Accessories Lower
Bench/OHP + Assistance /Accessories Push
Deadlift & Bench +Assistance /Accessories Pull

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x2 with this. -pretty much any program off this site is better.
Among other things, unless a total newb you will hit a wall pretty fast with Stronglifts and training will get pretty miserable

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