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Stronglifts - Deadlift Issue

So I have been running stronglifts for almost 2 weeks I generally like it. Out of all my lifts my squat is has really blown up and ive added a third of an inch to my quads. All other lifts have been progressing as they should, +2.5kg every session.

But my problem is with deadlift I started a little lower than my 1x5 max and work my way up, it was my first time actually adding weight and setting a new pb after 3 reps the bar just slipped right out of my hands. I had the strength to do it but I just don’t have the grip strength to progress in my deadlift. I have come to two possible solutions:

  • Back off about 10 kilos and work my way back up again
  • Add farmers walks or static holds into my routine


I would start deadlifting with straps while also working on your grip outside of deadlifts.

And/or learn to hook grip.

[quote]LoRez wrote:
And/or learn to hook grip.[/quote]

I would say that’s an “or”. I find thumbless works much better with straps, hook grip with straps I see just being too much stuff in the way.

That said, unless a trainee wants to powerlift, I honestly don’t see a reason to ever deadlift without straps. And hell, even for powerlifters, I don’t see much reason to not use them.

Yeah, it was kind of a hard sentence to do with the and/or.

Straps or hook grip. Hook grip and/or additional grip work, leaning toward and.

I actually have done hook grip with straps on snatch-grip work, but that’s because of the angle. From a grip standpoint, it was redundant. I just felt like I had a better hold of the bar that way.

Back WAY off on this program. If you know your 5 RM you should program to hit it in week 4 or 5. Taking 10 pound jumps each session, 3 times every 2 weeks. To make it easy just back off 60 pounds, then increase 10 pounds each time it comes around, and you’ll hit it in week 4 final session.

You could even back off 90 pounds and give yourself another 2 weeks to progress past it

When the bar started slipping for me I bought a bar of gym chalk (magnesium). No problems after I started using that.