StrongLifts and Complexes for the Endomorph

I am a true endomorph which is great because I can bulk like mad, but it sucks balls for losing fat. I am looking to get into shape; conditioning for the hopes of playing rugby again. I tore my MCL and quit playing rugby it all went to hell. I was working to get it back and it was slow going. I’m 5’8" and about 235, and I was carrying between 25 - 30% body fat when I started working out again 3 months ago. My chest is bigger than my belly though and my shoulders are blocks so there is progress (I think?)
Here is my current workload and how I bastardized the Stronglifts program, following an ABA, BAB pattern
Work Out A:
Squat 7 x 5 currently 215 lbs. and raising 5 lbs a week
Bench 5 x 5 currently 185 and raising 5 lbs a week - then every 30 seconds I do 2 reps until I can only do 1.
Bent-Over Row 5 x 5: currently 160 lbs. raising 5 lbs a week - then every 30 seconds I do 2 reps until I can only do 1.
On my A days I added power cleans 5 x 5 - currently 95 but I am working on form
and Dumbell Clean and Presses 3 x 12 - currently 40 lbs.

Work Out B:
Squat 7 x 5
Military Press: 5 x 5 100 lbs and adding 5 lbs a week
Deadlift: 150 and adding 5 lbs a week - the website says to do 1 x 5 of that but I’ve been doing 5 x 5.

I made a little complex to start with 20 pushups, AMAP reverse pushups, and d.b. swings about 15 - each side. 3 to 5 sets depending on time.

I’ve been doing that and 15 - 20 minutes of treadmill running/jogging/walking (a low-rent H.I.I.T. - when the incline is level I sprint, when it is between 2 & 3 I job, and when it is 3 and up I walk briskly.) I need better cardio conditioning but I want to lose fat and not burn muscle, so I am do add cardio to my off days.

I’ve seen some info on complexes and am going to start adding those on my lift days and walk about 10 minutes - the ones I found were, but I am realistic I think I need to work into these. I still have some work to go to be able to do these. My question is should I do these on my off days or should I work my way into them? I tried A tonight and this one beat the ever loving shit out of me, I failed after two reps…should I scale back?

Complex A: Tumminello’s Weight Plate Metabolic Circuit - enough rounds for the barf to come up
Overhead Squat x 6-8
Swings (like kettlebell swings) x 6-8
Bentover Row x 8-10
Reverse Lunge and Twist x 8-10 total
Diagonal Chops x 6-8 each side

Complex B: Waterbury’s Submission Guide - enough rounds for the barf to come up
Reverse Lunges, 6 reps on each leg
Romanian Deadlift, 12 reps
Good Morning, 12 reps
Front Squat, 6 reps
Military Press, 6 reps
Bentover Row, 6 reps
Floor Press, 12 reps

Keep it simple stupid.

You know I’m right, I’m Mr. White!

If you find you have to much “energy” for the program, then you should up the intensity.

I did the complexes on my off days. There is no way I had enough energy after my work out.

I got through one and a half rounds of the plate circuit and thought I was going to barf.

clean up your diet. 30% body fat is way too fat, even for a hooker.

[quote]andresarpi wrote:
clean up your diet. 30% body fat is way too fat, even for a hooker.[/quote]

Yep. Plus, you are too weak right now to push the necessary intensity you need for a concentrated fat loss training regimen.

Clean your diet. Focus on getting stronger. Don’t bastardize the programs.

I am going to do the 12 weeks and then we’ll see. Instead of running the circuit I just been running afterwards. I am seeing some real benefits after a week.

The diet is cleaned; I’m pretty much following the 4 hour Carb Diet minus the day of splurging, last of the shitty meals eaten tonight.