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Stronglifts 5x5



Can I get your opinions on/experiences with the Stronglifts 5x5 program:

Workout 1 - 5x5 Squat, 5x5 Bench, 5x5 BOR
Workot 2 - 5x5 Squat, 5x5 Overhead Press, 1x5 Deadlift

Alternate the workouts back and forth, never working 2 days in a row (ie W1 on Monday, W2 on Wednesday, W1 on Friday etc). When 5x5 completed add 5 pounds each side.

My primary goal is Size.

Have been using a 5 day bodypart split with a least 8 reps per set for quite some time.



Reg park or bill's 5x5 is good.

Have you tried the advanced gvt program? It involves more volume, but uses 5 reps per set. Good for size.


Leaving it how it is works best imo. I did it for about 8-9 months and put on massive amounts of mass, I can pm you before/after pics if u like (ignore my face though, I'm not photogenic) I went from 160-225 lbs.

Lift went like this
Squat 95x3-290x5x5
Bench 110x8-205x5x5
Dead Never tried it before hand but it boosted to 310x5
OHP Never did it before hand. boosted to 140x5x5
Rows same as above two-205x5x5


Are you going to add other lifts to the program even if you're not doing 5 x 5 with those other lifts?


Mike - I have dabbled with advanced gvt, its good, but im hoping the higher frequency of this program will give good results.

Austin - Plan is to add some other stuff. Although I did the first workout on saturday and i was so wrecked after the squat, bench and row i didnt have anything left in the tank. I think once ive adapted to the program i will add some other moves.


If you add anything I think you should add chin ups/pullups (switch between the two each week you do them) and calf work.


I personally set up a program for either volume or frequency. So good luck.

I would definitely add pull ups to your program if there not already there.


The 5 x 5 program works Great! When you are lifting in the 4-6 rep range that is what stimulates maxiumum muscle growth


How's your diet. Gaining or losing weight is diet driven not training driven.

SL is a strength program not necessarily a hypertrophy focused one. It's got a goal of getting you strong quickly so that you can move onto a more advanced program. Are you a beginner now? Can you make daily progress? If the answer to the latter question is yes then it's a good choice but if you can't add weight onto the bar daily then another program might be better suited.



you need to give more stats in order for us to help you.


I am 180 pounds, 9% or thereabouts bodyfat.
Typical "hardgainer" i started working out about 20 years old at 150 pounds, now 24.
I know I havent eaten enough throughout those 4 years in order to gain consistantly, but I have sorted that out now.

I always feel I gain best when always pushing to lift heavier weights every workout (duh) - rather than feeling the 'pump' with higher reps and progressing less ofen. The only way I progress consistantly is if I use a program like 5x5. Squatting 3 times a week I feel is bound to help with gains.

I am just looking for anyones opinions/experiences with this program - possibly when at my level (probably intermediate..)

5x5 weights right now:

Squat 260
Bench 200
OP 150
Dead 330

I work hard at split workouts but I feel like these workouts are much tougher - and that will hopefully yeild better results all else been equal (sleep, diet, pre/post workout nutrition)


You seem to know what's working for you.

Why open this thread?


Because I have never used this "full body" kind of routine for 5x5 before. Always used bodypart split.


5x5 is interpreted differently by different coaches and trainees.

Some prescribe/train to perform 25 reps with one specific target weight, and to increase it when you succeed with 25 full reps at that weight.
To my knowledge, Rippetoe advocates warm up sets as part of the 5x5 and one set where you try to get those 5.


To follow up on Schwarz, from what I've read about Reg Park's 5x5 program is that the first 2 sets of 5 were warm ups, where Set 2 was an increase in weight from Set 1, and Sets 3-5 were an increase in weight from Set 2. So it's not 25 reps at the same weight, but 5 at a starting weight, 5 at an increased weight, and 15 at a further increased weight.

I'm not closely familiar with SL 5x5 but I believe it advocates 5 sets of 5 at the same weight.


if you primary goal is size go with a bodybuilding split


Bodypart split with more sets, simular to gvt.
Since your goal is size and not as much the strength aspect.

Just an opinion.


I have been using the program with great results.
My starting weights
Squat 135
Bench 115
Deadlift 135
My weights now
Squat 275
Bench 205
Deadlift 315
I have also gained quite a bit of mass on this program. Diet is key


The biggest issue with Stronglifts is the amount of squatting relative to each deadlift set.

That said, if you can stick with it, it’s better than the best program you don’t stick to.


I ran 5x5 on the big three for years, and then did pullups, rows, cleans and other accessories as well on other rep schemes.

I ran it until my bench hit about 300, my deadlift was about 405, and squat was about 365. This represents about 80-90% of the progress I’ve made in the gym in five years or more. After getting to that stage I had to start varying things to keep improving and avoid injury. The gains come very slowly now and my best lifts are benching 335, deadlifting 475, and squatting 425.