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Stronglifts 5x5 Variation


hey, im 16 and have been doing my variation of a 5x5 program for powerlifting in the past 3 months, i started with a 110kg deadlift and now its 150kg. i started with a 80kg squat and now its 108kg. bench press went from 70 to 99.5kg. the first 4 weeks i did 8 sets of 5 reps, week 5 to week 10 i have been doing 3 reps. i am new to powerlifting, i would like to hear your feedback about this variation of mine, and feedback on my results. could someone tell me if these are muscle, mind connection gains.

the first 4 weeks i was doing 5reps x8sets.
Day 1:
Deadlift 3x8
chinups (weighted) 3x8

Day 2:

Day 3:
squat 3x8
bench press 3x8

day 4:
shoulder press 3x8

Day 5:



No. No. No.

8 reps is not strength range.

Follow the program as is. I would gather you did one full cycle. Do another cycle.

If you want a bodybuilding program, look up "do this program, not that dumb one" or something like that.

Why do people need to change proven programs......


you misunderstood me, its 3 reps for 8 sets, 3 reps is in the strength building range.... i dont want to add a lot of size fast, i'd rather stay abit smaller and lift heavy.


8 sets is crazy talk boss, there's no way you're maxing your DL for 8 sets straight. Get more iron on the bar and do fewer sets.


You will get strong with 5x5.

You will get strong following 5/3/1

You will get strong following a proven strength program.

Follow it, don't, build your own stupid program, doesn't matter. Programs have a track record, you don't. Do what works and stop wasting time.


First off, buddy, educate yourself. You really need to read or learn from an experienced powerlifter the basics of training. This site is an enormous source of info, so use it.

Second, you're a beginner. Even with three months of doing that program you are a beginner. Yeah, you've been doing that program for 3 months and it gave you gains, that's fantastic. However, don't try to reinvent the wheel any further. Go with programs that are proven to work. Stronglifts is a fantastic program for beginners AS IT IS, I followed it myself and vouch for it. 5/3/1 is also a proven program.

More than strength, more than gains, what you learn from following a proven program is something much more valuable: Discipline. Learning to stick to something that you know works, even if you get bored and shit or your eye is momentarily caught with the newest routine on fitness magazines, is probably the most important lesson any lifter will ever learn.

There is a time for experiments, my friend. The beginning is NOT THAT TIME.