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Stronglifts 5x5 Question


Hi guys I know quite a few people have done Stronglifts here so I was chasing some advice,

I'm sure this has been asked a thousand times before (i've searched to no avail), but when do you scaled back from 5x5 squats to 3x5?

I'm 185 and 105kg atm, and yesterday did 140kg 5x5 - 1.33x body weight - so should I start scaling back to 3x5 or keep going with 5x5 till its gets to hard then scale back?

This is also totally raw, no belt or straps etc, when should I start using a belt if at all?




Keep going 5x5. No matter how hard you think it gets. Once you really can’t add weight anymore and you deloaded 3 real times, then you can switch to 3x5. But grind it out with 5x5 as long as you possibly can imo.


Thanks for the information.

Do you have any input on when to use a belt? Or should I progress as long as I can without one?