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StrongLifts 5x5 Question

Hello all,

Thought I’d come out of the shadows and actually post for once. I’m trying to gauge interest in the StrongLifts 5x5 program. I’m a lifter with about 3 years of experience, but just getting through my first 2 months back after a long hiatus.

The StrongLifts program appeals to me because of its many compound lifts, but I wonder if I’ll be getting the most advantages out of it considering that it’s focused more for beginners. How many of y’all have done it, and were you satisfied? Let me know your level of experience when you did the program, and how effective it was. Thanks.

Hi, ive been into body recomp for about 2 years.

Id say several years of relatively shitty workouts before that.

I did stronglifts as a beginner to strength training and It taught me alot.

Are you an experienced strength trainer? if not i’d say try stronglifts, it gives you a different perspective.

if you gain nothing else out of it, it will make you inspect your knowledge and form on the ‘big lifts’.

It gave me about 7 pounds of LBM gain out of a total weight gain of 16 pounds. That was in 8 weeks.

having cut again and toyed around with lots of other mass gaining options, ive come back to strong lifts 5x5.

Its simple. It works. if you are unsure as to whether you are a beginner then you are effectively are a beginner in terms of doing this program.

any program that focuses on the big lifts with good form and constant progression will make anyone except the top 5% grow.

(with all other factors being as they should be)

[quote]chutec wrote:
if you gain nothing else out of it, it will make you inspect your knowledge and form on the ‘big lifts’.

Good advice. I could use some work on my technique. I guess I’ll give it a go and report back in 8 weeks. Thanks for the help.

Bill Starr’s version for intermediate and advanced lifters:

I did the intermediate program for nearly a year. I had decent results and good improvements in overall strength. Eventually, the full body workouts became too draining. For example, after heavy squats my bench would suffer. I switched to a more BBing focused program (4 part split)and haven’t looked back. I don’t regret using the 5X5 though. It was an excellent tool for building foundational strength.