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Stronglifts 5x5 for Women

i have a lady friend who just started going to the gym a few weeks ago. She wants to lose a little bit of weight and “tone up” and all that other bs. She doesn’t need to lose weight its just the standard “im too fat” thing girls say, she could use a bit of muscle such as better legs and ass etc. Which kind of falls under the category of toning up.

I want to get her on stronglifts since ive been on it for a few weeks and I love it. But, will girls still be able to add 2.5kg every session?

Women can train just like men.

Their ability to develop lower body strength once they learn the proper technique may surprise you.

5x5 will work very well for that. I personally believe that for learning the basics/adding muscle/and losing fat (w/decent diet obviously) 5x5 can’t be beat. There’s a decent amount of volume and if you start with super low weights (start her with just the bar) the progression is very encouraging for a beginner. She’ll be able to add the 2.5kg every session, but she just won’t be able to for as long as a male lifter especially on the upper body lifts. At the point she really begins to stall just have her get the smaller 1.25lb increment plates, or have her switch to Madcow 1x/wk increases.

If you can get her to stay with it, I think she’ll be really happy with the results.