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Stronglifts 5x5 - Diary


Hey everyone,

I am starting a log/diary of my experience and results whilst following the Stronglifts 5x5 training protocol, and thought there might be some others out there who 1) might be interest in my progress, and 2) might have some valuable info to share with me and others along the way.

Below I will outline the program that I will be following, the nutritional guidelines I will be applying, any supplementation, some background info on me, my stats currently, and what I am aiming for. I will post 'before' photos shortly after this initial post and will have checkpoints over the next few months where I will post progress pictures.

The program I will be following is slightly modified, and will start as following:
Workout A:
- Squat (5x5 @ 60kg/132lb)
- Bench (5x5 @ 50kg/110lb)
- Pendlay Row (5x5 @ 40kg/88lb)
- Planks (3x)

Workout B:
- Squat (5x5 @ 60kg/132lb)
- OH Press (5x5 @ 40kg/88lb)
- Deadlift (1x5 @ 100kg/220lb)
- Pull/Chin up (3x10 @ bw)

Also, the prescribed version of SL is 3 days/week of lifting with no consecutive days. To start, I will be doing a 1-on 1-off routine as the starting weights prescribed are relatively light.


My initial goal over the next 8 weeks is to bring my BF% down, which at the moment I estimate to be around the low 20s. Hopefully the photo I post will give you an indication of where I am at currently. Obviously, moderate increases in strength only can be expected while maintaining a calorie deficit to cut bodyfat, but nonetheless, I aim to get my squat to 130-140kg, Bench to 90-100kg, and deadlift to 140-150kg.

Please note
The starting weights I have listed in the section above are just that, starting weights. I don't know what my 1RMs are for the SL lifts, but know they are substantially more than the starting weight for this program.


I will be maintaining a calorie deficit in an attempt to decrease BF%.
I will (at least at the beginning of the program) keep to Keto guidelines, and depending on how i am feeling and progressing after week 5-6, this may change.

I will be honest, I won't be sticking 100% to the correct fat/protein ratios for Keto... But they will be around about the mark 90% of the time. Carbs however, will be almost non-existant aside from veggies.

The bulk of my diet will be made up of steak, pork, lamb, chicken thigh, eggs, bacon, and leafy vegetables.


The supplements i will be using:
- Whey Isolate
- L-Carnitine
- Multivitamin
- Vitamin D
- Fibre capsules
- Spirulina


Age - 26
Gender - Male
I have been training on and off for a few years. Although I have been basically untrained for the last 2-3 months. I have only ever really done the traditional bodybuilding split, 5 days/week, mix of isolation and compound, 3-4 exercises of 2-3 sets at 8-12 reps etc.


Waist (naval) - 35in/89cm
Right Quad (cold, relaxed) - 23in/58cm
Chest/back (cold, relaxed) - 41in/104cm
Right Bicep (cold, flexed) - 16.25in/41cm
Weight - 93kg/204lb
BF% - 20-25% approx.

So, that is it for now. I kicked off the program yesterday with Workout A, and will be completing B tomorrow. if anyone has any feedback or an opinion they wish to share, please do so. This is a learning experience for me and what you have to say could contribute to that.

Cheers from Australia,