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Stronglift 5 by 5


Anyone who can assist can you put on size with this program or is it mostly for strength its squatting 3 times a week 5sets 5reps along with shoulder press, bench, bent over row and deadlift 1 set 5 reps. Each workout you will increase by 5lbs and 10lbs on dead lift ..


Depends where you are.


Im currently squatting 290. Bench 190. Deadlift 300. Bent over row 195. Shoulder 145.


I actually meant you. Height, weight, etc.

But, with those numbers. I would do another cycle of 5x5.

What does your diet look like?


Im 6ft 2 255lbs . I gave been doing in for 2months now. I've always neglected my legs but now that's my focis


5x5 is a 12 weeks program. The best way to get strong, get muscles, etc is to be consistent.

Finnish the 12 weeks, then do another. Get your diet in check.

We will see you in 16 weeks. Then we will reassess what to do.


Cool I will get my diet in check and continue for 12the weeks


stronglifts is solid. I recently started to do more 5's myself. I read an article by Pavel Tsatsouline a few days ago and he said 5's are the meat and potato's of strength training. I just like singles and triples more! :slightly_smiling: