Strongest Man Competitions, Steriods or Not?

I was Curious as if anyone knew if teh athletes competing in the Strongest Man Competitions are allowed to be on steriods or other substances or if anyone has any idea about there code on that sort of thing. Some of the guys in those competitions look absolutely amazing, and I was wondering if that is possible naturally (obviously if it is, only to some with amazing genetics) or if it with help.

This question is rhetorical. When was the last time you saw some deadlift 900 pounds of rocks for reps at 6’ 325 pounds and think to yourself he wasn’t on anything?

The competition “World Strongest Man” the world championship if you will had some kind of testing. A polish guy finished third but was disqualified later when the drugtests were in.
I think this is different depending on what competition you look at.

Its completly plausible that there are men with genetics generous enough to allow performance like the strongman competitors.
Guys with low bodyfat, small wrists and small ankles that still have the muscular development to compete on an elite level are defying the bell curve more then their big boned collegues.
They are the ones that most likely juice. Like the polish guy that got disqualified.

that polish guy is in the ad of metrx

I believe they only test for stimulants and do not test for anabolics.