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Strongest Guy on My Block


Well I finally decided to share my logs. Been lifting off and on since High School Football. Numerous injuries and improper lifting technique over the years has taken its toll. However, excuses are for wimps. Thanks to Jim's 5-3-1 I can lift heavy weights again. Back in 2002 was a regular on this site after TC left MM. But a back injury convinced me to never lift heavy again and I forgot my login.

Went through the years doing the mens health type workouts and trying to stay as light as possible to save my back. But I really hated not being strong. So now I have been back lifting heavy with strict form since May. Got back on this site for inspiration. Now I have my lifts at least back up to what I consider respectable for a 36 year old guy.

By best friend Doogie and I have had many discussions about lifting, he was my weight lifting partner when were young. I have changed my mindset from trying to be the strongest guy in the world to just the Strongest Guy on My Block. Doing 4 day cycle and on my 4th cycle of 5-3-1 seen my lifts go up from:

Monday Military: 185 to 205
Tuesday Dead: 315 to 365
Thursday Bench: 225 to 285
Friday Squat: 315 to 365

Goals for 12/31/10

Monday Military: 225
Tuesday Dead: 450
Thursday Bench: 325
Friday Squat: 450

I work out in my garage every morning at 4:30. Slowly working on increasing my equipment have power rack, 500 lbs of iron, fat grips, cap dumbells and dip bars. Want a prowler in the spring to start doing some HIT. Any way glad to be here. Will post my workouts to keep my honest.


Monday 12/21

Foam Roll every workout with stretching for 15 min

Military Standing
Warm up with Fat Grips

115 X 5 X 2
135 X 5 X 2

Working sets

155 X 5
175 X 3
195 X 1+ only got the one (Damn Christmas party and drank to much Sat night)

Assisted Pullups
3 X F=6-8
Just started doing pullups this cycle

Croc Rows
60# 3 X F=20


Tuesday 12/22

Again Foam Roll X 15

Warm up
135 X 5
185 X 5 X 2
225 X 3 X 2

Working sets

265 X 5
295 X 3
335 X 1+=3 reps

Power Cleans

135 X 5
155 X 4
165 X 3
175 X 2
185 X 2 X 2


Good fortune. Hope you achieve your goals injury free...


Thanks me too. Between my back and shoulders I have had enough injury issues.


welcome back man. good lifting so far.

word to the wise olympic lifts (explosive) are before powerlifts (deadlifts/sqaut) they serve to prime your cns system for the heavier weights. Other way around and your looking far an injury.

Otherwise good stuff.

sorry I have a habit of always trying too help out.


No problem. Been thinking about that lately after reading some of the articles. Not really doing heavy weights, but I see your point. Next week is a deload. After that will switch things around.


And it just works better, besides. Explosive lifts after max lifts is an exercise in endurance. I keep making this mistake myself.


Wed 12/23

Started about about 2 months prior after healing up from a back injury to work on certain weak points.

1 being Abs. I hate ab work always have. But I relized I needed more core work

2 Grip strength. Obvious stuff

So Wed is my day to work on this stuff

Foam Roll X 15

3 X F approx 30 sec sides and front
Ab roll 3 X 10(I take my CAP dumbell load it with 25# each side) Industrial strength works well

Farmers walk 45# plate each hand walk to end of drive way and back approx 100 ft X 5
Dead lift hold with Fat Gripz 135# this was harder than I thought it would be X 10 sec X 3


Yea that is why I decided to finally enter my log. Since I don't have a partner, it is easy to get tunnel vision. Over 35 lifter is the only place I would put a log since after reading so many threads everyone here seems to have the same goals. I really do appreciate any advice. Thanks to all and Merry Christmas.


Thursday 12/24

Floor Press Fat Gripz
135 X 5 X 2
185 X 5 X 2
225 X 3 X 2

215 X 5
245 X 3
275 X 1+ only got 1.5

Close Grip Fat Gripz
225 x 5 X 2
135 X 2 X F=10

Dips BW

5 X 7


12/25 Merry Christmas

Leg Day. Wife bought me dip belt and blast straps for Christmas. Very Happy.

Band hip thrusters
3 X 10

135 X 5 X 2
185 X 5 X 2
205 X 3
225 X 3

Work set
260 X 5
295 X 3
335 X 1+ = 3

225 X 1 x 20

done. Off to enjoy christmas.



Deload week. Very tired from traveling and Watching COWBOYS get into the playoffs last night.


85 X 5
105 X 5
125 X 5


3 X F = 8

Done. Very hard to deload. Have to remind myself by putting note here, this is long term. Rome not built in a day. I'm 36 not a kid anymore, need to rest my aches in pains this week.


Welcome! I just moved from Dallas to the Pac NW, hope you enjoyed the game. We apparently missed what would have been our first white Christmas there. Oh well. Anyway, looks like good work going on in here--I'm looking forward to following your log.



Thanks. Happy New Year. I have always thought about retiring to the NW, Washington or Oregon. Would be very interested to hear how the weather is over a year. I don't know if I could handle rain half the year and snow half the year.

The log is to keep me motivated. I love lifting and always will, but life and business can get me off track.



135 X 3 X 3


150 X 5
185 X 5
220 X 5

Not really feeling well this week. Good thing it is a deload week. Wrist and elbow sore. Head sluggish and tired. Maybe just need to work out the Christmas food.



Normally do abs, farmers walks. took today off. Sinus Infection. Pick back up tomorrow. Taking off work the next four days.


Okay. Have one more day on antibiotics for sinus infection. Feeling great after being sick. Thank the lord it was a deload week.

Monday 1/4/10

Blast straps 3 X 5 warm up push up

Military Standing
Warm up with Fat Grips

115 X 5 X 2
135 X 5 X 2

Working sets

135 X 5
155 X 5
175 X 5+ = 5 one better than last rotation. Cool.

135 X 7 X 3 with Fat Gripz

Assisted Pullups
3 X F=6-8

Croc Rows
60# 3 X F=20

Standing Barbell Curls

65 X F X 3 = approx 8-10

(started back doing some direct arm work. Nothing fancy yet just add in more each week)



Power Cleans
135 X 2 X 5
155 X 1 X 4
165 X 1 X 4
175 X 1 X 2
185 X 1 X 1

Deadlift Sumo

185 X 2 X 5
225 X 1 X 5

Working Set
245 X 1 X 5
275 X 1 X 5
315 X 1 X 5+ = 8


3 X F approx 30 sec sides and front
Ab roll 3 X 10

Farmers walk 45# plate each hand walk to end of drive way and back approx 100 ft X 5
Dead lift hold with Fat Gripz 135# X 10 sec X 3