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Strongest Guy on My Block, The Return


Damn Matty closes out my original thread. I think I closed his so figures.




My back is feeling better, not ready to DL but at least I can tie my shoes without pain.



Everytime I look at that avatar of yours..............wow that must have been some bet or something.


Yeah. That avi is . . . just not up to snuff for you.

What was the bet anyway? And how long do you have to keep that avi?


Return? Did you leave?


^ Bulldog I am out of town on work so my log will just be me bitching about my Avi and how my back is healing. Come June I will RETURN.

Fisher and Snap I bet fighting fires that Paea a nose guard for Oregon state would go in the third round of the NFL draft, he said 2nd or 1st. I was 12 picks short of him going in the third, he was also picked up by FF team the bears to add insult to injury.

So as a man of honor I stuck to the bet of a month of this Avi. So Memorial day weekend I can change back. :slight_smile:

Bare with me please I hate it more than my X-Wife (well that is not true but pretty close)


Strongest man on your block? Do you live next to hospice care?


(see what I did there, guys?)


^ hahahaha!!!


That was cold


Not a retirement home a special needs village, here is my kid.


^ Ponce just joking but that is my kid running at last years special Olympics.

Okay remember I am in a hotel.

Warm up jogging on treadmill for 10 minutes.
Machine Military press, 3 X 10 I have no idea how much weight but I was basically picking up the stack.
Lat Pulldowns, 3 X 10
Seated rows 3 X 10

Treadmill for 15 minutes mile and a half.

Back is feeling much better still spasms occasionally but not knock me down.


Do you travel a lot? Maybe pick up some bands from EFS and throw them in your bag? Don't recall ever going to a hotel "fitness center" that was worth a shit.


^ I have bands, but damn I left town forgot my shaker bottle and my foam roller.

I dont leave town often thank the lord, it just worked out I have to train a new provider for a Alumina plant. So I am stuck here for 2 weeks, however I need it with my back to heal. So running and just light weight stuff is kind of a two week deload.


Gotcha. Hopefully your back will be 100% when you get back and you can flip that tire :slightly_smiling:


It will be I will not be back to working out until Memorial day weekend. I will be healed up. I was at the point after sitting for more than a 15 minute period when I stood up my back would lock the fuck up. I looked like an 80 year old man. Now it just twinges but no spasm. Thanks guys for the support.

I really need to keep up with the cardio, standing in the hotel room in my birthday suit and looking at my backside in the mirror is not a pretty site to me. Time to drop the weight even more.


Bored or what?


Fucker, hell I am in a hotel room what else am I supposed to do? :slight_smile:


Killer workout bro :wink:

Your boy got the eye of the tiger!


^ hahahahahahaha Yea I guess its better than nothing. If work was not killing me I would go find a gym, but every night I have had reports and proposals to work on. I was telling Doogie that I feel like I have been here a week already and it has only been 3 days. I will be stir crazy by the end of the two weeks.

The wife and only the wife is coming down here Friday to run a leg in a marathon, Jlo73 better be ready for action. :slight_smile: