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Strongest Guy on my Block 4





Okay last reps on front squat felt left knee twinge and hurt at the patellar tendon area. Tried to do a couple lunges after that and could stand the pain so just shut it down. To many nagging injuries right now. Going to take this week off and just ride the bike, foam/lacrosse ball roll and stretch.


Hope you things sorted out soon!



Flight to Chicago go cancelled. So just doing Skype meeting :frowning:
30 min of foam rolling and 20 min of ice on bilateral knees. Then some stretching.


TY it is the knee with some torn meniscus not much to do but deal with it.


Repeat today of foam rolling, lacrosse ball and ice to both knees. Diet going well with Maya and I. Not big scale weight changes but for sure getting rid of the winter fluffy.





Did sled push and air squats instead of lunges.


Completed 15 burpee box jumps. Didn’t want to push the knee so took my time.


Knee not 100% so shut down squats after started feeling some pain at 275. Did the DLs all unbroken.


Fri back home


Sat community WOD


Had to drop the last 6 reps on PC to 155 but I did do all the C2B



Wed back home for awhile

Ab work Tabata 30 sec work 30 sec rest
7 min
Hollow holds


Orange band for Sumo DL
70 KB and 53KB for carry’s
45 metal plate push




Cleans weight 165 on WOD


Did ab Mat sit-ups