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Strongest Grip for Chin-Ups?

Suppose you want to do as many chins as possible. You choose the grip. What’s your choice ?
I thought supinated shoulder wide grip is the strongest but friend of mine is claiming its very narrow supinated one (also what about narrow neutral ?).

Any thoughts on that ? Or is it completely dependant on the trainee ?

I think it’s dependent on the trainee. I don’t have a problem doing chins with 2 plates, but generally only do 70lbs for pull ups.

The weird thing is, I’m weaker with a neutral grip. It would make sense for my neutral numbers to be in between, but they are not. It’s even weirder when you think that most people are strongest (from what I’ve seen) with a neutral grip.

Generally, if you have a stronger back than biceps (relative), you’ll be better at chins. With the opposite, you’ll be better at pull ups.

I think it’s neutral for most people, since the biceps still have a favorable line of pull and the brachialis and brachioradialis are in a good position to help.

How about you do a test where you go max on a few different variation on different days, my guess is either a shoulder width underhand or neutral.

Neutral or supinated close/medium grip.

For me it is chins with as shoulder width grip.

my lats fail way before my grip

For me, it’s a supinated, shoulder wide grip.

Supinated shoulder width for me too. I think this is the most mechanically advantageous position for most trainees because of muscular and tendon positions.

Neutral for me.

I think supinated takes away too much lats with the external rotation and pronated takes out too much biceps, where neutral is a good balance of both.