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Strongest Female Bench Press


I was just wondering if anybody knew what the highest benchpress by a female was. a friend of mine told me he saw a woman on tv that benched 700, weather she was geared or not he did not mention. but to me it sounds like total bullshit.


My friend's late wife, Tamara Grimwood was the first woman to bench press 400. I don't know if that's been exceeded or not.





When a woman has more test running thru her system than any drug free man, is it really fair for her to compete as a woman?


Man it depends on the size of the tits. Like lets say you're a chick that wants a mean bench. All you really have to do is to start cycling test and get a boob job. I say DD minimum, with a F or G Cup probably hitting the spot.



you think your t levels define you as male?

that is just... weird.


It IS weird. But I believe BG was making a larger point.


I agree.

He probably meant women on juice should compete in the men's category.


If a woman boatloads testosterone, she physically becomes a man (with a clitoris the size of a small penis sans the balls). Hormones also greatly influence, not to say define behavior, so to say that a woman on T will be a tomboy is an understatement.

So basically a man with long hair, a tad bit of gyno and weird sexual organs.


Nah XX chromosome pair = woman. Woman with XX chromosomes, weird genitals, and male secondary sexual characteristics = deformed woman.



and here was i thinking that a woman taking a lot of testosterone was... a woman. who took a lot of testosterone. that often results in physical changes, to be sure. not sure i'd go so far as to call them 'abnormalities' rather than differences...

so, um... what are guys who take a lot of testosterone? super-guys??


..clearly needs to google China's clit





i really do need to take these boards less seriously sometimes



she's juicing and using a bench shirt. what a cheater, this is why powerlifting is lame. i benched 3,000 lbs the other day with my fork lift derp. it was my musculature controlling the fork lift so it counts.


wow, so you rather skip the obvious point, and splice semantics instead? what is YOUR point exactly? do you think a woman with as much or more test coursing thru her veins ought to be able to compete in a woman's competition???


a test-enhanced female competing against other test-enhanced females in a non-tested fed isnt fair ?

to me that's a perfectly level playing field . any female or male p'lifter who doesnt care to compete against test-enhanced lifters needs to lift in a tested fed .


thanks marlboroman. yeah, i kinda thought that was um... obvious. and a big clit is still a big clit - right? it dosen't find itself hooked up to testicles and shooting sperm all of a sudden - does it?


the only issue i have with steroids is cheating. but if people are competing in non-tested federations then steroid use isn't cheating. but still... the women on steroids shouldn't be competing in mens divisions - should they? or perhaps non tested female figure athletes should really be competing against natural dudes?