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Strongest Dad Alive

Well, possibly a repost, but i don’t care, he deserves it:

[quote]Adamsson wrote:
Well, possibly a repost, but i don’t care, he deserves it:


I met both of them at an Ironman once. they’re great people.

Much Respect

That’s great. I don’t know if i’m getting soft or what, but I cried.

wow. clicked on the link expecting to see some grandpa deadlifing. what a lucky kid to have an old man like that.

I immediately felt guilty for even getting on the computer after work, and took my two year old for a walk around the neighborhood in the 10degree snowstorm we’re having.

Definitely bookmarked it to watch it as a reminder any time I get home from work/gym to go out and spend time with my son no matter how tired I am. After watching that, there really are no excuses.

that guy’s marathon time is astounding… in 1992 he ran 2:40 while pushing his son in the wheelchair… I don’t know how old he was but he was at least in his 50s. that’s fucking crazy to be honest

saw that guy on TV once. Amazing story. Whats even better is that he has some damned good times for the races.

That is one Hardcore Dad!!!


What a man…

What a real man.

Thank you so much for the link.