strongest blubber burner

Hey what do you guys consider to be the strongest fat burner available that won’t stew your insides like DNP?

clen w/ T3

What about DNP? Yeah I know its dangerous but was spoke of very highly by the late Dan Duchaine. T-men??

t3 stacked with 2 on 2 off clen/eca stacks works nicely for me.

He is the “LATE” Dan Duchaine. The cat also was experimenting with agent orange as a thermogenic, if memory serves me correct. There is a fine line between genius and insanity.

T3 + Clen

I don’t know much about T3 other than its thyroid boosting capabilities. I’ve looked in steroids for dummies but I didn’t see if it came in pill form or if you had to inject it. Can clen be stacked with mag10? What is the typical clen dosage? And by 2 on and 2 off you are refering to weeks I suppose? Thanks for the insight

Clen seems to downregulate at the receptor site after about 2 weeks if remember correctly. I dont know anything about the T-3 either, I ready to learn though as you are. Also I used to take 125 mcg a day of clen best I remember. Does that sound right to you Drago?

yeah i am just gonna jump in the boat with everyone and say Clen,just try not to get “hooked” and keep a constant cycle take some short time off after 2 weeks or you are just wasting it…i say hooked b/c i even get hooked to ECA stacks,maybe its just me?

if memory serves, clen has an active life of about 36 hours. ephedrine is about 6-therefore duh-receptor down regulation with the traditional protocols! even the 2 on/off seems silly to me. i beleive a better alternative would be a eod/3xweek protocol. this should give the receptors at least some time to clean out, and should allow you to stay on longer!

just like saying t susp is “stronger” than cyp-the half life/science end is being ignored. and if you were taking 125 mcg, i hope that you are a half ton racehorse with a heart to match. while that dosage COULD be worked up to “safely”, it seems more than a little excessive. sure after being on for a few weeks, it may take that much to “feel a kick” it just proves that the dosing protocal is innefective. and if you were shooting for clens anticatabolic effect, well there are MUCH more effective things out there.

please not that this was not meant to be an attack, just trying to be rational.

Hey Pitt, I just stacked the clen, with Cytomel and a little ephedrine. That may seem excessive to u in dosage,but we are not all the same. I have a high tolerance for ephedrine and a low body temp, thus it worked well for me without any problems . It seems I do recall that the first day I added in some ephedrine it was a little rough…ie…jitters, could feel my hair etc… and that was ignorant I do feel. Young and Dumb and jacked on the gear. I thought I was Superman. Times have changed

like i said pumpdog, that was not meant as a slam on you, or anyone in particular. i did say that that dosage COULD be worked up to safely (and at least you said MICROgrams and not MG’s-sheesh). i was just stating that ignorance of things as basic as half life gets way too many in to trouble. i too had a too high tolerance for these beta stims. eventually i realized that i was taking more and more, while getting less and less benefit. so i decided to do some research and find out why. if you continually pound the adrenal receptors, first they will become desensitised, then the dosage crawls into an unsafe range.

i am all for the Intelligent use of drugs/sups. just pointing out that if you can get the same benefits with less gear, why not? no offense i hope

pitt… you should not be handing out advice as you clearly dont know what your talking about. clen absolutely does down regulate the receptor. taking it every 3 days does nothing to “clean out” the receptors and is an idiotic comment. i am not going to bother critiquing the rest of your advice, just stop giving it until you educate yourself. meso’s drug profiles might be a good place to start. everyone else …t3 is a thyroid hormone that we can take in synthetic form. which can be dangerous since we are shutting down natural t3 production. caution is required. typical t3 dosing is starting at 25mcg/ed, ramping up to 100mcg/ed then ramping back down after no more then 6 weeks. allowing at least 6-8 weeks for recovery. to magnify results simply stack clen at 40-100mcg/ed alternating with eca’s on a two week rotation.

Thanks for the info Drago. I will give this T-3 a shot.

and rotating beta stims is a better idea? all i was really trying to point out is that half life Must be Considered, as opposed to just taking a gym rats’ advice (how many of these white things should i take per day to get shredded man? :slight_smile: debating adrenal overload seems to be an exercise in futility. taking 2 weeks off IS trying to allow the receptors to recover. adrenal receptors DO NOT UPREGULATE while ON. i have gotten quite pleasing results from an eod clen protocol. maybe it just works for me, but it does not “obviously” show that i do not know wtf i’m talking about. keep personal attacks for BIGCONAN clones and stick to discussion. (god-nananananaa-preschool central)

I have used both Usnic Acid and liquid Clen with good results. Usnic acid is similar to DNP in that it is an uncoupling agent. Sides are not nearly as bad, but you feel pretty miserable when on it. The liquid Clen is 1000X more effective than Clen is tablet form or, any ECA stack. T3 burns too muscle, at least in my case.

Well pitt, claiming that clen doesnt downregulate beta 2’s is just wrong. It works in the same exact mechanism as effedra just with a longer half life in addition to a lesser affinity for beta 2’s in the heart.

WORD OF WARNING!!! Talk to a cautious man about t3 dosage, if you do not pyramid up and down correctly, you risk permanent suppression. Beware.

A shot of test susp. A 20 year old “hottie” and cialis. If ya don’t burn off blubber with that then you might as well sit on the sofa watching Tv and eating pizza pockets…

i did not state that the beta-2’s did not down regulate, just stating that there could be a more efficient protocol. OF COURSE they down regulate-that was the whole point i was making about going from eca to clen and vice versa. it just does not make good sense.