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Stronger Throughout Workout

This might be a little odd, but as I’m progressing with the Shugart HST program, I’ve noticed that as I make my way through the workout, I feel stronger later than in the beginning. So I rotated the order in which I do the exercises. Tonight for example, I benched last instead of first, and smashed my 5 rep PR easily… and I mean EASILY. Yet the past 2 workouts (Thursday and Saturday) of benching, I struggled to get that 5th rep of the 2nd set, even though it was a slightly lighter weight. I started playing with this about 2 weeks ago when all of a sudden instead of maxing out at my usual 10 or 11 pullups, I pumped out 13. That’s when I realized I strayed from the order of the written program. Every exercise (except squats) have had similar results. I have know idea why this is happening, but I do know it’s happening very abruptly. My sleep/diet/supplements have been the same for the past 9 months. Anybody have insight on why gains are suddenly appearing out of nowhere? I could see if it were a one night fluke, we all have our beast days, but the last 6 workouts have just felt easier than normal. Thanks for your time. Brian

Ask Thib in his forum --has written a lot about this sort of thing. Basically most likely your neurolgy is fired up/ optimised by this type of training.
Anyway good to hear this site is helping and you’re getting real results, keep it up!

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Yeah Badger is right. You might not be warming up enough and as such your neural system is not completely ready at the beginning of your workout

Damn, I better read up on warming up! I do warmup sets (usually 2, but sometimes 3) of each exercise at 60-70% of the target weight of the 2 work sets for that day. No matter the rep scheme of the HST program, my warmup sets are always 10 reps. Example: I’m on week 6, and each exercise is 2X5. So I’ll do 1X10 at 60%, and 1X10 at 70%, then jump to my 2 work sets of 5 reps. The only side notes I’ve read on warmup for this program is to keep volume low due to high frequency. I’ll search more for warmup options, I may have it all wrong! Thanks for the feedback! Much appreciated.

Nooo!:crazy_face: In training if itworks for your body , keep doing what you are doing!

Down the line when you stall try another program for say 12 weeks and then can keep coming back to this

LOL, ok ok ok… I complete the HST program next Tuesday. Then I’m supposed to take 2 weeks off (which is gonna kill me). Then start over with +10 lbs for each set and make my way through. I’ll keep doing it the way I been doing it the last 2 weeks with continuous rotations and see how it fares out. Thanks for pointing out that when I plateau with a different program, I can always fall back to this. I never would have thought that!

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