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Stronger Than You are Fast at Benching


I read a couple of articles where someone said something simular to this statement a couple of times but never really paid attention to it and today I became curious as to what is meant by that. I just started powerlifting a few months ago with my wife using WBB method. Stronger than you are fast or faster then you are strong on the bench press...maybe im wording it wrong but that is close to it.


:smiley: i have never heard the saying (im a newb)

to me it may be

when benching for exampple the faster the movement the less strength/power is needed as the snap reflex(the bounce) gets the bar back back up a good bit of the way?

and alternatively

when doing it slower i.e 3-5 second negative u are putting much more strain on chest/tri's to get that bar back up without the bounce take more power/strenght?

could be wrong often am :smiley:

edit i suppose same could be said for most movement squats etc


So you want us to offer input on a quote that you kinda-sorta remember, but might be wording it wrong, but it's something that, but not quite? Um, okay.

It sounds something like what Michael might be saying, if you rely on speed instead of strength/power, you could get in trouble with a lift when you hit a sticking point that you'd otherwise be able to grind through. So something like paused benching (resting on the chest for a full two-count before pressing) might help in cases like that. I think. Kinda sorta.


I'm pretty sure it refers to why PL'ers do dynamic benching. To get faster.

Basically: When the weights get heavy enough, you don't have time to grind a full 5 second in the concentric phase, for a lift. You're not conditioned for it as a PL'er.

Therefore you do speed-work, so that slow reps will become fast reps. Etc.


Dude I was asking the question for a person that knew what it meant bc there are ppl that know what im talking about which is the point in writing it close to what it would be. I would not ask if I could find the article but I have read a ton and cannot find it. Ty for your guess.


Are you a teenager perhaps? If you use less internet speak and better grammar you'll get a lot better responses. Also, you should have a better attitude and tone towards Chris. He knows his stuff.


Man, you asked the training-equivalent of "What's the name of that movie starring that guy from the tv show about the car. He's funny and bald, or maybe he has blonde hair."

So pardon me if something got lost in translation. In any case, I hope you got the info you were hoping for.


Someone has the answer...TY


Kevin Smith fan?


Dave Tate mentioned this in a bench video, basically saying everyone falls on a continuum of being faster or stronger. fast guys bench close to their 1rm max the same speed as light weights whereas strong guys really grind out their maxes. he's faster than he is strong and it's especially important for fast guys to do speed work to remain explosive so you blast through sticking points.


found it



Actually I just made an account to ask a question and did not expect anyone to get on here making rude comments. I was just curious as to the answer and I got it from someone who knew. And as for the guy above im 37 and do not care to play internet gangsta behind a screen of safety. I have better things to do, I have seen kids do that stuff safely behind a key board and screen. Let it go man and dont make 1st timers to the forums a bad occasion.

For the guy who answered my post...ty, that is all I was looking for when I made the account. I did not expect to have to have an argument on a beginners forum just to get a new persons answer. I know very little about powerlifting but do enjoy it, I know quit a bit about bodybuilding since I did it off and on a few times in the Military, what else is there to do in Iraq? :smiley:


Ha, who isn't? His movies are good, his book Tough Shit is great.

You didn't actually receive any rude comments, not compared to what some people have been through on here. You got vague answers to what appeared to be a vague question. I am glad, though, that you ended up satisfied with some kind of answer.

Cool then. How about we chalk this up to a general misunderstanding/miscommunication and move along. If you have other questions or see something you can add your experience to, definitely stick around and do so. Have a good one.


NP I knew exactly what you were talking about and have had the same thing happen. I usually just lurk but I know how frustrating it is when you can't find that sort of stuff.

Sorry Chris if you lack the cognitive ability to understand a common phenomenon for those of us with a brain....


you guys should arm wrestle