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Stronger Than Fauci

First log here. I’ll start with yesterday and then update after this evening’s training.


Seated military press: 135lbs, 4x10
Bent over rear DB flies: 10lbs x40, x30, x20, x10
Face-pulls: 50lbs, 3x20
Rear pec-dec: 70lbs x 20, 60lbs x 20, 50lbs x 20
Side lateral machine: 60lbs x 20, 70x20, 80x15

Skullcrushers: 75lbsx10, 85lbsx10, 95lbsx10, 105lbsx10
DB rollbacks: 20lbsx10, 30lbsx10, 40lbsx8
Tricep pushdowns w/ rope: can’t remember the weights, lots of reps

Band tears: 100 reps

I hear Fauci benched 500 back in high school

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He probably did. It was pre-COVID and his mental/physical clarity was most likely a lot more intact.

It was the pre-workout hydroxychloroquine.


Hatfield squats (w/ SSB): 155x10, 155x10, 245x10, 295x8, 335x5, 245x10
Hack squats: 2 plates x15, 2 plates x10, 4 plates x10, 4 plates x10
GHR: 4x10 bodyweight
Unilateral hamstring curl (kneeling): 50lbs 4x10
Back extension/glute squeeze combo: 4x20 bodyweight

How come you stopped logging? From what you said in my log it sounds like you got a hell of a lot stronger, it would be interesting to hear what is going on. Fauci isn’t enough competition for you anymore or what?