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Stronger Than All 2006


Anyone going to this strongman comp? It's in New Haven, CT on April 1st. Myself and 7 of my closest friends will be driving over from Rochester.


Oh cool, can you go to watch these events? I am only 10 miles from New Haven.
post the details


Hopefully coming in from LI (sent in my app late!!!!)


go to www.ctstrongman.com for details


Didn't you do NJ in the fall? What's your name?


I'm going to TRY to make it. Saturdays are going to be tough for the next few months, but I'd like to see my buddy Sully compete.



Including myself I know of 5 other people that will be competing in STA2 from NY.Also, a bunch of people(family,friends,fellow competitors) that will be there for support and an awesome show.


Yeah, Sully's what's it's all about. Screw those two guys from your gym who're going! :wink:


oooh, videos



Kevin O'Connor - Yea, I was at Jersey in the fall. What class were you in???


I'm hoping to go to watch. Let me know who to root for!


I'm going, I went last year and watched my buddy Tom McClure kick ass!!! (I think it was his first show)


I may not be the best there, but I'll be one of the baldest and most Irish looking of the lW's!!!


I am going to watch..... and take notes. Maybe I'll be able to do this someday.


I'll probably be the baldest, palest Irish guy in the LW's!!!


Kroc, I'll cheer for you! (also pale and Irish...)

YoMomma, we should meet up - that would be fun! PM me if you're interested.


Damn, Kevin; who is competing?


I know there will be a late fee, but is it too late to send in my app? Anyone know anything I dont? I didnt see a deadline on the site, but one of you might know.

That, and what is an axle deadlift? Is it just a regular deadlift with a thickbar? Is it any higher off the ground than a deadlift with regular 45's on each side?

Will anyone make fun of me since I'm weak?


I'll give you baldest, but I'm positive Ill be the palest Irish lw.


Send them an e-mail. It might be worth a try.

Axle DL is a thick bar deadlift that is traditionally done with tires, which are larger than plates. I see grip being a bigger issue for most people than posterior chain strength.