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Stronger Leg Taking Over?

When I’m doing single leg hyperextentions my left ham gives out way quicker than my right so I’m guessing that the right one is stronger. Now here’s the thing;

When I’m doing glute hams I only get sore (to a noticable extent) in my right ham and not my left. I find this very confusing. Does it mean that my right leg is taking more of the load?

It could, but GHR also involves knee flexion, while hyperextensions are only hip extension. So you aren’t really comparing two identical exercises.

It could be many things. Like strength of glutes.

Just train the left leg first on the hypers and only do the same amount for the other leg. Over time it should balance out.

Of course, they’re that equal but I’d find it strange if the left ham was weaker on hip extention but stronger on knee flexion…

I always train the weak leg first in order to keep balance.

Thanks though!

do more unilateral work. weak leg first. split squats, pistole squats.