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Stronger, Leaner, Still Getting Bigger

Alright, so Flipcollar and Oldbeancam asked me to post what I currently look like. As I said in the thread, I stand 6’1", and I’m currently 150lbs.

Obviously need to gain mass, however, they were curious if someone at my height and weight would even look like they lift.

I compete in Olympic Weightlifting, so a bit outside the common modality here.

Self taught, no coach.

Weighed in at 146lbs. Snatched 176lbs and Clean and Jerked 205#

Gym lifts:
Snatched 180# and Clean and Jerked 215#

Being this tall, I’d say the obvious weakness of my lifts is my legs.

Found an old training video that shows my back development more or less, when I weighed around the low 140s.

Picture is a halfway progress photo as I go through my recent hypertrophy/leg strength phase.

Flame away.

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I think the issue is that you said people think you look 180lbs.

You don’t; you look 150lbs.

I’m not saying you look bad, not at all, but you definitely look 150lbs.


Aye, I’ve had people say they think I’m 170-180lbs. I agree that’s a far cry, but that’s the untrained masses.

I think you’re living proof that being lean can make you look bigger than you are. In bit saying you look 180 but that’s some impressive definition. Nice work :+1:

I never said I intended on flaming you. You look lean and have good shape and can be big eventually for sure. But as Yogi said, you look 150-160. If you were that lean at 180 you’d look a hell of a lot bigger. Never meant to start anything, I was just genuinely curious how a guy who is 150 looked 180, and you don’t. You look good, but 150.

How old are you btw?

Don’t your bones alone weigh 150.

Nothing wrong with being lean … at the max weight for your weight class lel.

Oly lifters are all legs and back anyways.

Btw wut is a hypertrophy/leg strength phase? Are you training all the variables ala conjugate?

Oh I didn’t take it as a flame. I took it as a genuinely curious question.

I guess I differ from what a lot of people push as “just gain weight”. I’d rather gain muscle without the fat, but I also gain strength quicker than I gain weight so idk wtf.

For my height, I’d be in the 105kg class at least. Which means I’m looking at adding roughly 80lbs of lean bodyweight over the next 6-8 years, at least.

edit: I’ve been on this floating rock for 24.5 seasons

I’ve found that I have issues gaining weight and progressing doing Oly lifts+Accessory lifts in enough volume to grow at the same time.

This time around, I cut out all Olympic lifting for 6 weeks, and just focused on gaining mass and strength in my legs as that’s been holding my lifts and squat/deadlift back for quite awhile.
The upside is my upper body strength is improving too, and my recovery is quite good. The downside is, I miss cleans and snatches.

I set it up on the premise of:

Phase 1: Build leg strength and gain weight -> Phase 2: Put it to use in my lifts -> Phase 3:Peak or w/e
and then rinse and repeat, tweaking things here and there as I go forward.

Oly lifts are for gaining weight? Isn’t your main lift/builder during accumulation phases the front squat or back squat?

I dunno about cutting out the oly lifts themselves. The best in the world are the most technically proficient with decades of practice and still keep it in never mind mere mortals who’ve yet to achieve such technical excellence. Is it a time thing or an effort thing?

Just up your ATG front squat “down slow up fast” ez lel. Srsly tho isn’t the accumulation phase the easiest part. Just add volume?

Lofty goals man. I like it.

Wouldn’t this make you like, 8?


Problem lel?

I’m 24, I was thinking seasons as years.I’ve been watching too many medieval movies, it seems.

Kinda. I was using the lighter rep work as an opportunity to fix some positional and postural errors, before challenging it with Olympic lifts. That and my technique has changed since the beginning of the phase, oddly enough.

I just added practically all that (which there’s not much of) inner thigh mass within these last couples of weeks, and I’ve been able to really use all of my legs during squatting and deadlifting, if that makes sense.

I tend to lift with my back and not my legs, hence the leg strength obsession.

Belt squat on the dailee baby pls

Yeah man, I got it