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Stronger Hip Flexors - How To Train Them?


oh yehhh, even drew a picture to help explain it better.

So i'm looking to improve the strength of my hip flexors, I work out at home so no roman chair, but I can do most other exercises you might think of. I'm posting here because after searching the site I only find people complaining about hip pain.

I'd prefer to do unilateral work because that's what our coach (sprints) is putting emphasis on this season.

Stick Man No. 1 - Ankle weight strapped on, raise the leg so my knee is slightly higher than the hip, pause (1 sec at most), and controlled down. x reps, last time I did 3 sets @ 2.5kg for 10 reps.

Stick Man No. 2 - Adapted from one of these 'run faster in 8 weeks' internet fads, It's a resistance band tied to a radiator. Bring to same position under high tension, hold for 15 secs, down, switch legs. 3 x 15 secs per leg.

Now there are more options, like jack knives or v-situps so i'm open to them, but from experimenting these felt better at isolating the muscles. If angle of resistance comes into play (weight vertical whereas band is pulling diagonally) then there's the option of reps with the band or holds with an ankle weight.

I'm doing the exercises from the Glute Myth article by Contreras twice a week and I figured i'd hit my hip flexors too and see where it gets me.


How about tying it to a power rack instead of a radiator?...

Jokes aside:
Search that page for hip flexor:

And if it's really an hip flexor exercise you need, how about working explosively with a band? Get in a sprint position and kick your knee forward as fast as you can. Just an idea.


I like how DeFranco feels qualified to over-rule Ralph Mann. I've read Ralphs Mechanics of Sprinting and the man knows his shit.

Recent studies have shown that there is very little force exerted on the ground in the last 10-15% of extension in backside mechanics and so prematurely swinging the leg forwards reduces lag time (Asafa Powell does it for reasons to do with his body being unable to reach that....god damn it's difficult to focus with your avatar...yeh so Asafa has a hip issue and can't fully extend his leg behind him) but he's used in examples of why front side mechanics are more important, which in his case is the right technique for the wrong reasons.

I'm not having a go, just laying some knowledge down.

If anyone's had experience with various hip flexor workouts please let me know what you felt target them most.

I also did explosive 25m hops for time, i think it's more an evaluation test, but I did about 8 sets and my hips were RUINED for a week, I was shuffling about the house like i'd tied my feet together.


What is your purpose for working your hip flexors?


i think he wants to run faster.


Specifically 2nd half of the race

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5TUeHcO1w-M - watch from 1:26, lane 4, best technique of any male or female sprinter because she holds her top speed.

Acceleration is down, that's all squats and cleans, top speed is hammies, glutes and in my case hip flexors let me down and my thighs end up really low by the end.


I dont know too much about sprinting, but wouldn't it make sense that if you are going to train hip flexors for this purpose, you need to train them for high speeds. I guess more strength will allow for greater speeds, but you at least need to have some form of ballistic hip flexion training.

What about "kneeing" a heavy bag. Sorta like MMA fighter would practice but obviously with a different technique. This would allow for maximum force and maximum acceleration.


single-leg lying leg-raises with ankle weights.

I really, really like lying leg-raises as an abdominal exercise. The hanging version is pretty cool too, it just depends on if you want the main stress to be when the muscle is elongated (lying version) or highly contracted (hanging version).

There may be problems with it- I don't know, I'm not a sprinter. You've piqued my curiosity though. When you figure out what you intend to do, let us know, and post your results. This'd be neat.


Well if you've read a damn biomech book on sprinting and read researches on backside/frontside mechanics maybe you won't find your answer in the beginner forum? Just a thought...