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Stronger Deadlift: Oly Lifter vs Powerlifter?


Right let me start off with, I was not sure where to put this post, but as I favor oly lift, i thought here was a good place.

My questions is: Who is stronger in a deadlift, a power lifter or a oly lifter?

My personal belief is a oly lifter all the way, I personal think that have a better carry over than a power lifter.

What is you opinion?


the deadlift is one of the lifts that powerlifters compete in.
the deadlift if not one of the lifts that olympic lifters compete in.

who do you think would be stronger in the deadlift?

i mean, really... think about it...

no wait.

think a bit harder...


hey i have a thought!

shotputters would be better at the javelin than javelin throwers. cause, like, the carryover is better.



PL will be better in 1RM

Carry over for what? Crossfit style training? Strongman comp sort of thing?



Just looking for an excuse to post this awesomeness again. One of the greatest lifts ever.


sorry, I don't think I made thee question clear, the carryover in the effect that if you put a dead lifter and a oly lifter that could both dead lift the same weight for 1rm and give them 12 weeks to improve and the re test there 1rm who would come out on top? obviously the dead lifter would use there style and Olympic lifter use their style. My personal belief oly lifter but their training is more explosive.


He put the weight down in a controlled manner too, nice!

BTW taylor, why are you concerned with the deadlift as olympic lifters almost never deadlift. Why not the squat?




The PL would still have a bigger 1RM then the Oly guy. Not that many Oly guys train the DL that much.

The Oly guy will be more explosive but that doesn't mean his 1RM DL is going to be better then teh PL or that it'll improve faster.



That video of Magnusson deadlifting 1015 made this thread worthwhile. Awesomeness indeed!

A lot (most?) O-lifters do pulls, which to the untrained eye may resemble deadlifts, but in fact they are very different movements. Powerlifters train the deadlift and compete in it. Assuming all other things are equal, the powerlifter would always have the advantage over the o-lifter in the deadlift.


Over 200 kg snatch usually equals to over 400 kg deadlift (see Koklyaev). Throw that explosive mambo jambo to the trash bin. Weightlifters are strong, and strength is what makes a big weight move. An elite weightlifter is always a worthy opponent against an elite powerlifter.


In general strength, yes. In the deadlift, no. If weightlifting style training lead to a bigger deadlift, that's what powerlifters would do.

Not that one person could prove a rule, but you are also forgetting that Koklyaev competes in powerlifting strongman and o-lifting. You cannot use him as an o-lifter in the argument because he's a powerlifter too.


That's really faulty logic.

That changes what? So he is stronger because he is a powerlifter? And that is why he is such a poor snatcher compared to his deadlift? Isn't that kind of reach?

The fact is that weightlifters can pick up 210 or 215 kg with a collar to collar grip like it's a broom stick. That's not explosiveness, that's called either strength reserves and/or lack of weaknesses, which ever you like to call it. Weightlifters are the perfect deadlifters, powerlifters are amateurs in comparison.



a strong guy who doesn't specialise in something is always gong to make greater gains in 12 weeks than a strong guy who does specialise in that think.

Conversely in my first 12 weeks as a weightlfter (previously a powerlifter) my C+J went from 0-85 I don't expect anyone who has any real ability with C+Jing to make a similar gain in that period.


My opinion is that the one who has the strongest clean has the strongest deadlift.

People misconceive that the Olympic lifts are NOT strength exercises. They are. And the reason why they end up NOT becoming strength exercises is because 99% of the population can't do them properly.

They don't overload your raw strength like squats and deadlifts do. And that is because they are complex.

A weightlifter must be strong, fast, and well-coordinated.

A random guy in the gym who wants to get stronger just needs to get stronger. That's it. And yet these random gym guys can't get strong even though it is the only task they have! Weightlifters must be doing something right.


I agree.


This is clearly not true. Magnusson in the video above won't be able to clean 260+ kg and likewise there is no olympic lifter who can deadlift over 1000 pounds! Koklyaev trains for both so you can't use him as an example.

I really don't know how there can be a discussion over this! You can't possibly believe that an olympic lifter could enter a powerlifting contest on impulse and deadlift a world record?! If they could they would


I personally think marathon runners can deadlift more than anyone. running 42 kilometers you have to deadlift yourself forward for 42000 meters. assuming a 50kg bodyweight and running at 15 km/h thats 42000*50*acceleration= roughly 2 million joules

apply 2 million joules to a barbell to bring it up and you easily have a deadlift of over 1 tonne. Now let's all stop this weightlifting nonsense and get to running.


is it just me or are people getting stupider?

but seriously, my martial art kicks your martial arts ass. know what i'm saying?


that depends. If your martial art is jiu jitsu you are better than a sumo at sumo wrestling. In that case, yes