Stronger Abs

I’m looking to build stronger abdominal muscles and the tried and true, crunches, situps, done with weight just aren’t making my abs stronger. Are there any suggestions that can help me build a stronger core and stonger abs. I’m not trying to have a six pack yet so diet suggestions aren’t really what I’m looking for. Basically I’m just looking for two to three exercises that will really strengthen my abdominals and my back. I’m sure squats and deadlifts are fudamentals for the core but are there any other exercises that will target my core better? Thanks for any ideas or suggestions.


side/bent presses, saxon side bends, full contact twists. Chuck in a few suitcase deadlifts for a laugh. One arm snatches, holding the bar overhead for time…ditto using two hands

all of these knicked off John Davies

Try ISO decline abs. Basically get on the decline situp board and sit back in the position where your abs are contracting the hardest. Hold the heaviest weight you can on your chest for about 30 seconds. Repeat a few times.

Ab wheel, full contact twists, overhead carries of anything heavy, farmer’s walks ( 1 hand and 2 hand)and everything mentioned in the above posts.

Now, strong for what purpose???