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Strong Words


Has anyone read todays "STRONG WORDS?"

I was reading here the other day about a post TC had put up saying how some dude on here said to a female T-lady & how that should not have gone thru or have been seen by the Mods.

This is a forum right? Free speech right? Is TC un-american to have said that?

Why can't we post certain things on here?! If someone doesn't like it, look the other way & move on!



Well, it's their forum right?

They can do what they want with it, right?

No one forces you to come here and suffer censorship; you could even open your own forum and say anything you want.

Give us the URL when it's ready.


Can you imagine what a hell hole this place would be without moderators?!

We would still have people like GriffinC and Al Shades running around.

We all can bitch and whine about free speech this and free speech that but when it boils down to it I really couldn't give a fuck to listen to some pre-teen cock wag on the boards.

Start up a livejournal and post and post to your hearts desire. We'll all be reading it... I swear.


U guys are totally right. I was checking out another BB board & is was a bunch of cocks saying all kinds of stupid shit & nothing was being done about it.

My bad! Live & learn.


BRUCELEE, we try to do our best to balance censorship and posts that lower everyone's IQ.


T-Mag Mod


Censoring ideas is one thing, censoring insults is quite another. The insults dont contribute to the education of forum members.

Where as controversial ideas, say the HIT training is the only way to train, while incorrect can inspire debate and learning.


Quite right, I don't believe T-Nation censors viewpoints. It censors the seriously inflammatory expression of those viewpoints when necessary.

Why? To allow discussion to thrive.

As much as we all want everything to be "free", it really doesn't work very well when there are no rules.

Things drop to the lowest common denominator -- which would probably mean that we couldn't get much by way or interesting informed conversation or even fitness knowledge without T-Nation exercising some type of editorial control.


Actually the Constitution only applies to the how the Goverment (of the United States) deals with its citizens. It has absolutely no meaning to how one citizen deals with another citizen. Especially in cyberspace.


madman2 has it right. A lot of people forget what the first amendment means.

While someone may have the right to burn a flag, they do not have a right to do it in my yard.


I have to say that moderation here is far better than another board I used to frequent. They let all kinds of stuff go through here, but it's all in the name of discussion. (And hell, who doesn't love a good flame war when it comes around??)