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Strong Words Sept. 23, 2005



A great Strong Words today, showing a man dedicated to an awesome sport. A few players at the top level have had that done as well.

Very apt, seeing that today is the Grand Final of our National game. 90 000 screaming fans will be gathering in Melbourne to watch two teams from the other side of the nation go at it. Millions of Aussies will be watching in homes and pubs across the nation, as well as a substantial audience around the world. If you get a chance check it out. (It’s nickname is “Aerial Ping Pong” or been likened to a form of Organized Chaos)

I just remembered, one of the players in todays final had part of a finger removed two years ago.

These blokes are quite lean due to the level of running they do, but relatively strong with an emphasis on core strength. You’ll be pleased to know they only do the “real” exercises. Squats, Deadlifts and Cleans. (As we all know, everyone should do!)Also a fair bit of pad and bag work and sparring (boxing)

T-Nation has risen a level in my books (although I didn’t think that was possible) with an Aussie Rules quote. That is SO cool.

I’m off to breakfast then the pub. GO THE SWANS!!! (Although I live in Perth, the city of “the other” team and the attached picture is of their Captain)

G’day to all the Aussies.

Holy shit…I read his quote and had to read it again, slowly.

That is the most defining example of dedication to a sport I have ever seen. Having your finger voluntarily lopped off just so you can keep playing. Wow.

Anyone interested in footy in the Midwest should check out the Aussie Football Nationals in Waukesha, Wisconsin Oct 1-2 (see www.usfooty.com) Great sport and they even have womens matches (Go LadyHawks) For anyone who can attend, see ya there… I’ll be on the field.

The player who has had a finger amputated a few years ago is Daniel Chick, who was playing for the West Coat in today’s grand final. They are definitely dedicated athletes to do this to themselves!