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Strong Words Meaning?


Hey guys, someone wanna explain this one to me?

If you make people think they're thinking, they'll love you; but if you really make them think, they'll hate you. -- Don Marquis

I don't really get it...like..im pretty damn confused lol...anyone get else get it?


If an author on a bodybuilding site posts some studies that really aren't relevant but follows them with a statement similar to, "see, bulking up past a certain percentage leads to more fat gain", and every skinny guy wanted to believe that in the first place, you have made them believe they are thinking when in reality the studies aren't even relevant.

However, if you begin to analyze those studies and point out that they are not relevant...and every skinny guy really wanted to believe that they were relevant, you have now pissed them off.

In other words, as long as you are basically telling people what they want to hear, and as long as you make them feel intelligent by using "studies" or simply an article or any other tool, they will love you for it.

The moment you start to contradict what they want to believe in, and even go as far as to tear apart the very source of info that was allowing them to "feel smart", they will hate you for it.


If they think they are thinking, then they are on to something, though they may not know what. If you really make them think, they will realize they aren't so smart and will, naturally, be pissed off.

Something along those lines.