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just in case you wanted to see what the hype was all about. not safe for human consumption

Wow, charming :confused:

Before seeing her, I had a thing for redhead. Thanks for curing me of it.

Ahahahahah! Forced to resign… sheesh.

[quote]vroom wrote:
Ahahahahah! Forced to resign… sheesh.[/quote]

I would’ve resign the mariage before the job…

[quote]vroom wrote:
Ahahahahah! Forced to resign… sheesh.[/quote]

Sounds like the same guy who was mad about “testosterone gushers”.

I looked up the story on the internet. She had got out of prison after 2 years for drugs. And she is married to the police chief.hmm. The drug charges would seem a more serious problem then the fact she posed naked. people pose naked on the internet all the time. I am not saying that she SHOULD post nude pictures of herself, but she is legally allowed to. So, I don’t understand why they are taking it out on the chief. In fact, in support of the chief, I am posting a picture of my ass.

MY EYES!!!11