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Strong Words 7-01


I don't get it. Can anyone hold my hand and elaborate?


Too many people running their mouths.


Think about a certain cavity in the human body that has teeth nearby. Now imagine what the effect on the higher intelligence of the human being would be if said cavity were empty.

Since you couldn't get this on your own, I could make a pretty scathing remark here.

But I'll restrain myself. :wink:


Oh. I thought he was saying that there are too many inbred hill-billies.


As I sit here in the corner with the dunce hat on, I'm left wondering...

American's run their mounths often, but have little to say of substance?


American's often have an apathetic, dumbfounded look on their faces (mouth gaping open, with nothing to say).


Turn on the news for an example and what do you see? Rather than report, a bunch of idiots with journalism degrees "comment" (read, run their mouths in an obnoxious and uninformed manner). Watch an interview and what do you see? Interviewers talking more than the interviewed and having on idiot commentators rather than important people regardless.

This is just one tiny facet though.


Are you sure it's not about too many people not taking proper care of their teeth?


No. That's the trouble with England.