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Strong Words 4/10/2006


I am convinced all of humanity is born with more gifts than we know. Most are born geniuses and just get de-geniused rapidly. -- R. Buckminster Fuller

I disagree. Most of humanity seems to be born complete and total morons. Only a select few climb out of the mud and realize how stupid that is.




Should we really listen to a guy who invented something that can deform DNA and cause brain damage?


I'm joking by the way, buckyballs and carbon nanotubes (he invented, or at lease helped invent these things) are amazing.


I believe Fuller is alluding to the fact that young children possess what could be considered a mind virtually untouched by the constraints of conditioning and the ability to be fully in touch with the here and now as opposed to constantly drifting away into thoughts of the past and the future. I agree insofar as these qualities are successively lost due to the influence of modern society. Equating the state of consciousness of a child to genius is a far stretch, though, as even a young animal could meet the two above-mentioned criteria as well.


Well, when you're born you've got it made.

All you do is eat and shit all day, plus you get to suck on a big ol' titty.

Sounds genius to me.

Later in life you probably spend most of your time of a tiny cubicle, eating stale doughnuts, getting a crappy pay, and wondering if you stand any chance of getting laid in the near future.


I think everybody is born with the ability to obtain a vast amount of knowledge, while some are forced or decide to maintain ignorance.


I think he meant that any child has the potential to do something great and amazing. It doesn't take outstanding God-given talent, intelligence, or ability -- it takes hard work and preserverence. Each and every child has the inherent ability to rise up and achieve something truly worthwhile, it's just that society doesn't have the resources nor the inclination to nurture that potential. It's up to the child to do so for itself, and the vast majority of them choose the beaten path.

I agree with Fuller on this.