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Strong Words 3/9/06


Something I truly try, or at least want to believe I try, to live by:

A child-like man is not a man whose development has been arrested; on the contrary, he is a man who has given himself a chance of continuing to develop long after most adults have muffled themselves in the cocoon of middle-aged habit and convention. -- Aldous Huxley



Similarly, I try to be open-minded enough to admit when I am wrong, both to myself and others, and change accordingly. Most people will NEVER do this...


i like that quote. and at this stage of my life i see "giving myself a chance" as my ongoing battle to avoid being owned by the corporation i work for. not always easy as the short term gains are very persuasive. but the seemingly unavoidable long term is to become just another guy in a suit in 10 or twenty years.

what does it mean to you ?


I don't want to end up hitting 50 and falling into the same group as many around that age who are perpetually stuck in their ways and absolutely resistant to change. It is one reason I like bodybuilding so much and work hard in it. I like the fact that I won't look exactly the same next year as I do now. I understand completely that I don't have everything figured out. I try to pick up on as much as possible from others.

I truly believe you can learn something from anyone.

I have no desire to ever fully "grow up".


I can remember, years ago when I considered myself young, hearing lots of adults say things like "I don't want to grow up; grown-ups are dull!" They thought they were being cute or clever.

My reply was always "I WANT to grow up; I intend to be an interesting grown-up!"

(Hm. Whatever happened to that dream...?)


Professor, just curious, and perhaps a little ignorant, but have you ever competed in a bodybuilding contest? If so, how'd you do?


One of my standard sayings is "I have to grow old but I don't have to grow up".

I have spent lots of time thinking on this subject because of some of the people in my life and I think there are several key pieces to staying "young" but I think the most important is being open to new things. Listen to other people and see if you can get a new and different perception on their thoughts and outlook on life. Look hard at your own life and do the same thing. Learn to forgive yourself: we're all human, we'are all screwballs and we all make mistakes....learn from it, get over it, and get on with it.

Learn a new skill. Try a new hobby. Cut your hair different. Get your ass off the couch and hit the iron EVERY FREAKIN' DAY!! Hell, there's a million ways to approach it. Trying something new keeps you involved in life and prevents boredom. Getting bored is a killer both physically and mentally.

I think the "mid-life crisis" would vanish if we all just gave ourselves permission to be kids at heart: explore, play, laugh, learn new things, take time for yourself and give time to others.

I'm 53 and my daughter is 23. I think she and I are good friends and can talk to each other about anything under the sun because I haven't "grown up" yet. Hopefully I never will.


You rust out before you wear out.


Eh, I stopped aging at 18. Haven't felt any older since, and I love it.


I have never competed. I may or may not compete eventually. It really isn't as much of a concern to me as looking like I need to be competing.


It's a good quote but it's adding to a confusion of sorts because it groups open-minded people with the dipshits who like to say "I'm a child at heart" while rotting away at a dead end for years. I'm not a child at heart, but I am always open to changing, learning and bettering myself. A child can't choose it's path as it's upbringing relies heavily on the nurturing environment. A matured person not falling into the mediocrity of 'settling down' at the first opportunity, one who remains career and/or goal oriented.... that's concious decisionmaking; controling your life.

Although on second thought it's ironic how our society is. That the only example of human thought flexibility seems to be that of a child.

Well, I'll stay true to myself whatever it is called.


I couldn't agree more. I hope that I never choose to stop learning.


"Time won't leave me as I am.
But time won't take the boy out of this man" - U2 singer Bono


Well said. In my opinion, it's not about remaining at or falling back to the level of consciousness of a child as some people actually seem to believe, but rather transcending the confinements of the situation which commonly is equated with adulthood. I believe that's the reason why Huxley chose the term [i] child-like man[i].


That quote reminds me of the fallible idea that old men are wise and young men aren't. On the contrary, from what I see, many old men are completely stuck in their beliefs, and all of my young friends are willing to learn and understand many viewpoints.


Professor, I was about to "jump" your statement, Like a lot of individuals who say they are powerlifters, yet have never powerlifted...like a bodybuilder who has never showed, then I realized your words..."the need to be competing". You sir, are a man of honor, one of backbone and strength. I consider you now, a "warrior" with the conviction by which you stand. Thank you for your honesty.


A Professor X thread and it does not have a 5 star rating as usual?? What is wrong with the world!

Just kiddin X

They are some good strong words.




I don't know if this is bullshit or not, but one of my favourite words is "Neotony" (nee-OT-on-nee, rhymes with gluttony).

From what I was told, the word means "a childlike wonder tempered with experience".

I've always liked that. Now I have a daughter, I like it even more.


i've always said that when i grow up, i would like to be taller. when you are done learning, you're done.


Well ill be fucked,i check on here a couple of hours after i posted the above and PROF X post has 5 star rating :smiley:

Keep up the good work



you got me googling that, and I found some interesting stuff... one of which was that the word is from Greek, neotenia, "neo" meaning young or youthful and tenia, of course which is extended or extending. An extension of youth. cool idea.

That'd be a sick license plate if it was just one letter shorter.

Or a good name for a boat, or old, old wooden ship, like the Diversity.

Now I need a fucking boat. great.