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Strong Words 1.4

“I need more sex, okay? Before I die I wanna taste everyone in the world.” Angelina Jolie

Running the risk of sounding like a 14 year old horn dog (Which I’m NOT! I’m a 22 year old horn dog), did she really say that? In a movie? In an interview? Or is this some cruel April 1st joke??

It’s real.

She was quoted as saying that in this month’s Playboy.

I would drink her bath water!

Well, she since wants to “taste everyone in the world”, where exactly does one sign up? lol


Note to self: find some way to meet Angelina Jolie. The rest of the situation will take care of itself.

I would consider buying a DVD for 20$ containing nothing but her saying those lines in her sooo sexy voice :).

On the other hand… even on Angelina Jolie I would get second thoughts if I knew I would be her nr 43 209 876 443. Oh heck, so ms Jolie… ever tried an authentic 6’1 blue eyed scandinavien? :wink:

Remember this is the same woman who publically made out with her brother after winning an Oscar.

Not much the gal wouldn’t try I’d guess, what is there after incest?

Public office maybe?

To quote Steven Zahn out of the movie “Employee of the Month”

I’d drink sake out of her asshole in front of my grandmother.