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Strong vs. Leaner

In years of lifting and a couple years of competitive powerlifting, I have really never seriously dieted. Other than keeping an eye on my fat and processed carb intake, I have never given this much thought. I am getting to point where I want get a little leaner on a more or less permanent basis.

Partially so I can go back to competing in a lighter weight class (242’s probably) with the strenght I’ve gained at 270-280 lbs, but also because it would be cool to be jacked AND lean.

While the “how” of getting leaner is pretty simple, the “how not to get weak as hell in the process” is a little tricky. What kind of cycles have you guys run concurrent with a cutting diet that has allowed you keep your strength or even get stronger?

Just to give a little background, off-cycle, I am about 270 lbs., a bit over 6 feet tall, and I would estimate I run somewhere between 17-20% BF.

No Answers? Huh!

I haven’t found it yet. Seems you can get a lot of advice from people look like they need to get leaner.

I hear a lot of “your doing it all wrong”, but to be honest I think it is really difficult to do.

it’s really all in the diet. for somebody with an excellent strength/muscle base like you, i’d suggest you figure out what your current caloric intake is. then taper down slowly by 100 or so calories a day (per week), and see how you respond.

honestly, i don’t know if you could compete at 242 at your strength, though…maybe close, but i’d be prepared to lose a few pounds on yor max weights.