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Strong Triceps, Weak Chest and Shoulders

I am not a professional lifter, just a physicist who works in a lab all day. Anyway I am proud that being an ectomorph I went from 47Kg (used to be really skinny) to 72Kg of muscle, by lifting.

I would like to ask for advice since I find my triceps very strong but my chest and shoulders very weak. I have some rotator cuff problems (bursitis) so I cannot go very heavy on overhead presses, hence my weak shoulders.

My best bench is the close grip one, In which I can lift at least 15Kg more than medium and/or wide grip. I think the reason for this is that with CG I take out my shoulders a little and involve more my strong triceps.

Nevertheless I would like to increase the strength (and size) of my chest but I feel my chest training (flat and slight incline benches) hits more my triceps.

What could I do to some how take out my triceps and develop my chest? Keep in mind that I have to choose exercises that do not put much tension on my shoulders due to my previous injury (so too wide grip is off the table).
Thank you in advance

Check out CT’s response to this question:

[quote]tsantos wrote:
Check out CT’s response to this question:

Thank you!
I had not seen that theme before. I will follow the suggestions of coach CT.

Let us know how you go.